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  1. Spiked lug nuts poll.

    I do turn and look sometimes.
  2. Spiked lug nuts poll.

    Spiked lug nuts, Yay or Nay?
  3. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    Got them on eBay in December of 2018, V-land is the brand I believe. I payed about $300 for them.
  4. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    It's a light bar that is part of the taillights.
  5. Tein Flex Z Coilovers

    Anyone running a set of Tein Flex Z coilovers on a sedan? How comfortable are they over bumps? How low did you go? And do you rub on your wheel and tire set up?
  6. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    the black tips and muffler are from Summit racing ( Muffler was installed where the resonater used to be.
  7. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    Front splitter, custom exhaust (resonater delete, Flowmaster muffler) side skirts (not pictured), aftermarket taillights, tinted windows, Weathertech rain guards, rear diffuser with black exhaust tips, wheels and tires, rallyarmor mud flaps, Chrome delete around windows, grille, JDM...
  8. Coilover Question!!

    If I buy a set of Tein Flex Z coilovers, will I have to install an EDFC motor kit?
  9. Stimulus package purchase?!

    With all of the politics aside, if my wife let's me I will be picking up a set of Tein Flex Z coilovers, looking to drop the car a little and remove some of that wheel gap.
  10. Trade in for this?

    Mighty Car Mods Subarute (Subaru Ute)
  11. Lower Grille

    I have the grille from
  12. Lower Grille

    #Aliexpress US $51.59 14%OFF | Chrome ABS 1PCS Exterior Car Front Grill Bumper Grille Mesh Net Trim Cover Stickers Staying For Honda Civic 2016 2017 10th
  13. Replacement Skid Plate

    Samething happened to me, got oil changed at dealership and about a week later I hear a metal scraping sound from under my car. The tech at the dealership left the two screws the hold up the skid plate. Wind was forcing it down. It was a little bent from hitting the road, I just unbent it and...
  14. Aliexpress carbon trim

    I was going to buy all the pieces wanted (not doing every piece they make) from the same seller at the same time hoping they match. Thank you for your thoughts.
  15. Windshield decals

    Fitment Industries banner
  16. Aliexpress carbon trim

    Has anyone purchased any of these trim pieces and if so what is the quality like? Seems like a cheap way to dress up the dash a little.
  17. Anyone install this?

    I have an EX Sedan, no fake vents. I do have the Procivic honeycomb grille.
  18. Lower Grille

    Anyone install this?
  19. Anyone install this?

    Has any installed this lower grille piece? If so how was the fitment and overall look?