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  1. J's Racing FK8 LED Headlights

    these look very similar to the J's headlights but I never heard of the company and couldn't find any reviews on them
  2. 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition: Ultimate Track-Focused Type R Coming to America

    I can honestly say that the Type R doesn't have the fun factor my Evo X had. The Type R feels numb sometimes leaving you wanting more character or personality. Part of me wishes I would've kept the X since it was almost paid off and bought the 2020 Type R, but it is what it is.
  3. 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition: Ultimate Track-Focused Type R Coming to America

    I definitely see these skyrocketing in value after they discontinue production for the FK8 especially after seeing they're selling S2K CRs for 52k now
  4. Spoon Rear Aero Bumper

    For anyone that wants a complete back shot of the bumper this is the best I could find
  5. Any 2020 Civic Type R arrived at dealerships?

    According to there's two
  6. Exhaust Recommendations (Preferably w/o drone)

    can anybody offer any opinions on the remark titanium exhaust?
  7. What are your complaints with the type R?

    -Definitely the gas tank size -1st to 2nd gear grind is really annoying -Poor acceleration from a stand still -I find it difficult to get in 6th gear at high rpms could just be me as this is my 1st 6spd manual -Driving it in snow sucks
  8. Tomei Exhaust System

    Judging from past experiences of owning Tomei exhaust (Evo X) its gonna be extremely loud so you don't have to worry about it being too quiet. I saw a video where a Tomei exhaust was getting installed on a BRZ and they were talking about how loud it was. There's a reason they come with...
  9. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    I love this car and want those headlights lol
  10. Tomei - Full Titanium Exhaust for the Civic FK8

    I had Tomei on Evo X and it was extremely loud. I loved the sound, but at times it could be a bit much. The exhaust itself was a thing of beauty to look at and appeared to be high quality.
  11. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    my bad confused this with Remark
  12. Remus Exhaust: Detailed Review

    I want their titanium exhaust just not sure how loud it is
  13. Spoon Rear Aero Bumper

    I came across a post on IG showing that Spoon released a new rear bumper for the Type R. Here is the link if anyone is interested
  14. 2019 CTR Or 2020 CTR? HELP!!!

    paid a thousand below MSRP. I say get the 19' due to the fact that the 20' are coming and you probably can get a better deal as dealers want to move inventory. There's ppl on here reporting that they've paid invoice.
  15. How hard to keep a white one clean?

    It's a pain to try and keep clean
  16. Official Championship White Type R Picture Thread

    Are you on springs or Coilovers? Also, what brand?
  17. Gas mileage in different drive modes?

    I noticed I get a extra day before having to fill up driving in comfort majority of the week.
  18. Where are the Mugen mods?

    just saw that Mugen has a short shifter for the Type R
  19. How many miles on your Type-R?

    hahaha thats exactly what came to my mind.