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  1. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Add in some stickier tires, lighter wheels and a bit of elevation and it's even more of an unfair comparison. For the Camry.
  2. Anyone go from a 2.0 to 1.5 engine?

    Agreed, but I for one am more than happy at the power and mileage this inferior engine is capable of. If my 2.4 Accord Sport had the smiles per gallon of this one, I would have never sold it.
  3. Anyone go from a 2.0 to 1.5 engine?

    Aren't you the same clown that ran a 17 sec quarter and now you're talkin smack about a car that has more power than yours all through the rev range. I hate to say it but that thing won't even beat a soccer moms minivan from 20 years ago. And it's not the superior torque that's going to beat...
  4. Getting raced at stoplights

    Call me old fashioned but I rather enjoy stoplight races. The Civic is no racecar or muscle car but does quite well with Ktuners assistance. I'd rather a quick burst of power then proving myself at triple digit speeds although that has happened occasionally. Just ask the SRT 10.
  5. 2019 1.5L - Watch Your Oil Levels....

    I have used the same type of oil since day 1 which is Quaker State 0w20. I have never filled to the top dot but put in 3.5l and this puts it between the dots. My car has consistently gotten better over time. 1st year the level rose to the point where I drained some out. 2nd year the level only...
  6. Long term reliability?

    Smelling gas in the oil is really of no concern unless your level is raising considerably on the dipstick. I've owned my car coming up on three years and it's only gotten better over time. The first year my level had raised and I drained some out. Last year no dilution in the warmer months and...
  7. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    I have used L before but the 60 foot time on a Cvt is not great compared to a conventional auto.
  8. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    I think the power to weight ratio is very similar between a Camry and tuned Civic. My viewpoint is also a little skewed as I don't live at sea level. The turbo shines at 3500ft elevation and the NA automatically loses .6 sec in the quarter mile.
  9. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    I'm still not convinced a tuned Cvt wouldn't beat the Camry. Maybe not but if his tuned car can't beat a stock Si, something seems a little off. The part that gets me is that he hung with him for 4 sec when off the line is not the Cvts strength. I've been tuned for coming up on 3 years and have...
  10. Anyone who sees snow, how is your Civic performing?

    My 1.5 Touring warms up pretty fast. I never put the heater on hi as it sucks too much heat out of that tiny engine. Usually put the heat on 1 or 2 until it starts to warm up and then not much past half on those very cold days. Also using S mode to keep the rpms closer to 2500 helps a lot to...
  11. 1.5t vs 2.0 engine

    Why are we comparing tuned vs non tuned. Make it a fair playing field and the 1.5t will walk all over the 2.0 but mileage will be virtually identical.
  12. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    If I lived in Texas, I'd be using a heavier oil as well. Around here it gets to the mid 80s a few times a year and -30s C in the winter. Regardless of the oil used, it shouldn't be seeping as bad as it is. My previous 14 Accord had the same problem and that was also fixed under warranty. I'm...
  13. Stock Intake makes same power as Injen

    I too have had maf issues before with K&N on my Accord Sport. And this was brand new right out of the box. I'm not saying I will never run one again but given the choice I'd choose dryflow everytime.
  14. The Tuned Civic X Reliability Survey (All Models)

    Vehicle: 2017 Civic Touring Sedan Total tuned time: 29 months Total tuned mileage: 35000 km Tuning device(s) used: Ktuner V1 Tunes used: Ktuner starter 21, TSP Stage 1 for non-si Fuel used: Petro Canada 94 only Additional engine mods: PRL stage 1 intake, AFE Pro Dry S filter...
  15. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    Already did. No difference. Probably not going back.
  16. K tuner worth it one CVT?

    S mode does nothing for 0 to 60 or quarter mile although it may feel more responsive with higher rpms and worse mileage. Ktuner on the other hand will easily knock 1 second off of both those times while retaining exceptional economy. I've been tuned for 2.5 years and the Cvt has definitely not...
  17. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    Yes, not enough to lose a high volume of oil during oil change interval but enough to make it pretty messy under there.
  18. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    I'm not missing the point at all. You are using the full mark as a reference point. I am using 2mm below the full mark as a reference point. Yours goes past the full mark and you have dilution. Mine reaches or goes past the full mark and I have dilution. I have repeatable accuracy as well. It...
  19. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    Good answer. I do live in a colder climate and had to drain some oil a couple times from rising levels. I'm having a hard time keeping the front seal from seeping excessively. Had it changed once and didn't see any improvement. Regardless, once you get to know your vehicle and do your own oil...
  20. **UPDATE**** What I thought was a possible blown head gasket

    I'm not sure why you say 3.7 quarts as listed in the manual is a guide and not accurate. I have done 5 oil changes thus far and put in 3.6 to 3.7 every time and closed the hood. Check it the next day and its not exactly at the full mark nor do I need it to be. As in any car, there is a safe...