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  1. SOLD

    New price. $550.
  2. SOLD

    Price: $600 CAD $550. SOLD KTuner (Disclosure: There is a slight scratch on the screen, but it is not visible when the unit is on.) Here is the scratch: All cables are included. I have unused KTuner stickers in the box. I will include a free Spigen Kuel H12 Hexa magnetic air vent mount...
  3. OEM Updated Canadian Battery - 2016 - 2018 Civic (All models)

    In case anybody else reads this the vent holes are on the side of the battery near the top. There are two on each side. I read that if the battery is in the passenger compartment you should vent one and plug one, but if the battery is in the engine compartment you leave both open. The top clear...
  4. OEM Updated Canadian Battery - 2016 - 2018 Civic (All models)

    Thanks for the quick reply. Ok, I guess I'll have to figure out how to remove that plastic cover then.
  5. OEM Updated Canadian Battery - 2016 - 2018 Civic (All models)

    I should say all models except for the Hybrid. I wanted to change my battery before winter. I tried Costco and Canadian Tire group 35 batteries, but my stock battery hold downs wouldn't fit. I didn't want to bother buying a bunch of extra parts to make it fit, So I figured I'll just buy it from...
  6. CVT failure: Details inside

    This is how detailed and forthcoming every one of these "blew my engine" posts should be. Thank you, Coupe-R.
  7. Electronics failure due to Honda hack !

    This is most likely it.
  8. Si Review: Spec Inc Stage 3 Clutch w/Steel SMF

    Why would they discount the CMC if you didn't purchase the equipment from them? That's like saying Michelin should discount their own tires because the OEM tires suck.
  9. Lemon From Hell.

    Well, good luck. If you opt to take them to court it will be a while before you see any results. What does Sisley have to say about this?
  10. Lemon From Hell.

    Yeah, the service department that Sisley I find is much better. Not perfect, but leagues ahead of Midtown. I don't think your problem is with Midtown, but rather Honda Canada. If you weren't getting the result you needed just go to another dealership for a second opinion. When I was going...
  11. Lemon From Hell.

    Your first mistake was going to Midtown Honda. The one in front of Yorkdale. That dealership is shit. The sales department pulled a fast one on my friend and the service department pulled a fast one on me. Absolute garbage.
  12. Damages After Tint Job

    That just sounds like they're more willing to address the problem to avoid bad reviews.
  13. 1.5T Rough clutch engagement

    What you're describing is dumping the clutch which is not good. When you're in 1st gear @ 4K RPM you don't want to shift into 2nd gear and release the clutch at 3750 RPM.
  14. 1.5T Rough clutch engagement

    So, you don't wait for the RPMs to drop? You immediately shift into gear after pushing in the clutch then let off? Almost like a no lift shift? I feel like that would be worse. It's a choice between riding the clutch for smooth engagement or bucking the car. I'm going to try out...
  15. Could I have hurt my clutch?

    Don't worry about it. People have abused their clutches much harder than what you've done. They're made to be slipped. Even these shit OEM clutches. You were going pretty slow compared to others money shifting. Sooner or later you'll have to replace it anyways since they're a wear and tear item.
  16. Honda Quality

    People should be able to voice their concerns about products they purchase without having to sell it and move on simply because a certain "vocal minority" doesn't like to hear negative things about products they purchased. By the way, these corporations hope everybody becomes the "silent...
  17. Canadian Battery Replacement?

    Where did you get that battery? I looked on their website, but it doesn't seem to let me order it online.
  18. Canadian Battery Replacement?

    What is the manufacturer and model of your group 35 battery? Can you take pictures of it close up? How many CCAs?
  19. Canadian Battery Replacement?

    I believe if Costco or CT don't sell batteries that fits with our tie down we should maybe explore tie downs that might fit their batteries like Boomba
  20. Canadian Battery Replacement?

    Which battery did you replace it with? The OEM is 35, but the group 35 batteries from CT or Costco are too tall in that the battery tie down won't fit properly. Some users just installed the batteries without the tie down, but I don't know how I feel about a battery sliding around with only the...