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  1. Sooo what’s everybody doing

    I’m sitting on my couch and wishing I could wash my car... It’s been raining...
  2. Is the 2019-2020 infotainment quicker than before?

    Went from ‘16 to a ‘19 and yeah it feels... snappier?
  3. Are the stock tires really this noisy???

    When I had stock 17's with Continental all seasons, my '19 hatch EX was very quiet on most road surfaces. Grooved or rougher surfaces and they bellowed. Then switched to the Si 18's with the Goodyear Eagle Sport all seasons and unless the roads were fairly smooth, they were noisy. Then recently...
  4. Europe gets cooler Civics

    I'm gonna guess that over time, someone will be selling knock-offs of that spoiler on the bay for like $100. lol
  5. Europe gets cooler Civics

    Honda knows we Americans are cheap af when it comes to stuff like pano roofs. lol I do like that spoiler and the color is nice, too. Not as nice as my sonic gray, though. hehe
  6. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    What?!?! That's blasphemy! lol I have mixed feeling about it. I looks fine but I just think it looks better on a sportier vehicles. Here's the pic he posted:
  7. how long does the battery last, when the car isn't in use?

    I had to recently change my battery out (under warranty) and I use my car as a daily. I would recommend if you can get one, a battery conditioner and use that on your battery while the car is sitting idle.
  8. Jalopnik reviews 2020 Civic HB ST

    I had a '16 EX-T sedan and the trunk seemed deeper to store stuff in there. I have a '19 EX hatch now and I can store more items higher in the back but not as deep. The covers used to hide your items in the hatch work extremely well, imho.
  9. Jalopnik reviews 2020 Civic HB ST

    I like some of the stuff she writes on the blog but I wasn't referring to Kristen about the comments being made.
  10. Jalopnik reviews 2020 Civic HB ST The review was meh. But it’s the comments that crack me up. Practically every comment post starts with or includes the word, “ugly”, in their reply; it’s a running joke to rag about the design. Comments...
  11. How has COVID-19 affected your life so far..

    Sorry for your loss.
  12. Stimulus package purchase?!

    Pay off some debt, put some in savings, maybe get the OEM rear diffuser.
  13. *new video* best Mod for EX FK7!

    Looks great, man! Nice job.
  14. Need new tires soon. What did you guys get for your second set?

    I got Falken ZIEX960 all seasons when I put on a set of 18” Si wheels. I only have about 1,000 miles on them but I’m happy with my purchase. Pros: comfortable ride with only slightly less response than Goodyear Eagle Sports, good handling in dry and wet, absorbs bumps better than expected...
  15. Got rear ended yesterday :(

    Oh man. That's makes me hurt. Sorry dude. Keep us updated.
  16. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    re-acquired Si wheels and caught some nice light yesterday. Love how the sonic gray paint sort of shifts color depending on the light.
  17. Another good review for Meguiar's Ceramic Hybrid Wax (pic heavy)

    Nice! I've been a fan of this stuff for awhile, too. Car looks great!
  18. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Those are Avid1 AV20 wheels. I'm a fan of those wheels, too.
  19. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    welcome to the Sonic Gray family!