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  1. MHI 10th Gen Honda Civic Si Bolt On Turbo Upgrade

    No one shold use a BOV with the stock ECU strategy.
  2. NEW Part! PERRIN Rear Motor Mount Insert

    Installed on @David228cx civic and feels way better, the clutch actuation is more precise and there's minimal engine movement when you left the accel pedal. Vibration is more noticiable at low rpm but once the car is moving the increase is minimal. Definitely waiting for mine to arrive and install.
  3. Is this IAT temp too high?

    k.control artificially climb past 5300 RPM in non-si engines and jumps quite high sometimes at revlimit.
  4. Civic Type R Clutch Retrofit Details and Progress

    Nice! Do you know someone using exedy stage1? How the stage2 feels? Is it heavy?
  5. Tsp datalog log help

    I don't know, usually overboost by a defective wastegate IRC. I don't have the time to have a deeper look right now and also I'm not the expert here. Derek or someone at TSP may take a look at it.
  6. Tsp datalog log help

    A very quick look I'm seeing throttle closures and AFR is richer than normal. Wait for someone to look at it or mail for support.
  7. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    At my elevation (~700m/2300ft) I usually see 22.5 PSI max peak. I've seen 24.5 PSI at sea level, others users around here told me they have seen 25 or 26 peak.
  8. problem with ktuner

    It's a beta. Each ECU version need different development, be patient. You may also have different ECU versions to choose in the past. The images in the post doesn't work.
  9. Hands on with TSP's Stage 1 tune for the 1.5T (non-Si)

    No, as long as the owner use a stock maf housing or a well matched aftermarket one there should be no problem. If someone detects too rich condition get in touch with derek, remember adjust the gas type in the datalogs or it will register richer than real.
  10. Wastegate Calibration

    I belive you don't have to calibrate the wastegate, just get a tune. @KTuner
  11. Tuning joke of the day?

    Piggybacks work, the thing that concerns me most is Ignition control. How can it work safely, optimal and consistently without controlling it? Am I missing something? I still feel more comfortable with a safe tune than a piggyback, which is also less customizable.
  12. Tuning joke of the day?

    MAF, MAPx2 and O2? :hmm:
  13. Tuning joke of the day?

    Can you explain this? Did you dyno tested the racechip? If so, which modes? Do you have dyno graphs?
  14. LTFT on stock car

    If it's not clogged I don't think it's going to make much of a difference. Keep us posted :)
  15. LTFT on stock car

    My trims are always between -7 and -3, sometimes go to -10. Consider replacing (or at least check) the stock filter before 20k km if there is too much dust/polution where you live. Im using a washable K&N filter, because the stock filter was getting clogged and stealing turbo spool speed down...
  16. Will Acuity bushings correct this?

    The centering spring will help reducing this. Other acuity parts may help but I haven't tried them yet.
  17. Tunerview, Datalogging and a Samsung Galaxy S10+

    I didn't have problems with oneplus7 pro or oneplus 3, haven't tried recently tho, I allways datalog with laptop.