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  1. What are these spots ?

    Sure look like water spots. If they don't come out with the remover, could be that they already etched the paint and you would have to polish them out.
  2. How to check windshield washer fluid level?

    Best to keep the fluid topped up. Just keep adding the washer fluid slowly until you see the top of the fluid level. Canadian models have a low fluid warning, so you shouldn't actually run out and run the risk of operating the washer pump dry.
  3. Help on changing engine filter

    No. Just no. Either you had a defective bolt, or you overtorqued them. The fact that you made such a ridiculous statement like that means no one should trust you on anything you say. You should never "go easy on them." That is a recipe for disaster. You SHOULD tighten them to their specified...
  4. Help on changing engine filter

    Using a phillips head screwdriver is a good way of stripping the fastener. It is not a phillips head, it is a JIS P2 head. If you don't have a compatible screwdriver, you are better off using a hex socket.
  5. Help on changing engine filter

    Uh, no. Metric is the metric system. Seriously, don't you guys learn about this? It is what the whole world uses, except for a few countries. Distance is measured in metres. The metric system uses prefixes to divide the base units into smaller or larger untis of measure. So a millimetre is...
  6. Help on changing engine filter

    This car uses metric fasteners.
  7. Just changed my engine air filter...

    That debris is irrelevant. Don't lose any sleep over it. There is nothing wrong, and I certainly wouldn't make a fuss about it at the dealer, it would just make you look foolish.
  8. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Then best to just live with the scratches, since you will likely get more in the future. Constantly polishing your paint isn't good. Either that or splurge on whole-car PPF.
  9. Car wash scratched my car, how to fix these scratches?

    Wash the car yourself. Polish out the scratches with a decent polish and buffer.
  10. New wheel and tire question

    Just adjust to recommended pressure. More importantly, why did you significantly undersize the tire? Your new tire/wheel combo is almost 1.5" smaller in diameter.
  11. Dealer diagnostic...."specialists"

    You need to pay for their time. What is so difficult to understand? When you go to a doctor, or a lawyer, you have to pay for their time, even if nothing ends up being wrong. Same for pretty much any trade or professional.
  12. brake fluid change

    Changing brake fluid is super easy. Literally anyone with a functional nervous system could do it. Also, you don't have to do the fluid change just because the "7" appears. Maintenance is tied to oil change intervals. That just means to change the brake fluid at your next oil change interval.
  13. Winter car washing - best tips and methods?

    Pressure wash with very warm water, then, depending on how cold it is outside, use a foam cannon and single bucket with grit guard, or drive the car back into garage and use ONR.
  14. i need help advice

    No it doesn't. You are living in the past. Automatic transmissions are more economical than manuals. You get worse gas mileage with the manual. Not a reason to trade cars.
  15. DCT with paddles versus MT

    Up until my last car purchase, I have always bought cars with manual transmissions. Starting with a '91 Civic, I bought a total of 9 cars with an MT, including my '17 Civic hatchback. These include cars like a '95 300ZX TT, '03 M5, and '04 NSX. My most recent car purchase is the first one with...
  16. Kenda spare tire 60 psi???

    If you know nothing about tires, why do you even bother to reply? Tires lose pressure over time. If the OP hadn't checked and refilled the spare since purchase, then it is certainly possible for the spare to have lost 25 psi.
  17. Accidental Downshift at WOT

    Yeah, you can damage the engine internals badly by doing that. Mostly by hitting the pistons into the valves (valve float). Hopefully nothing actually happened. If my calculations are correct, you would have hit 8000 rpm when you shifted into 3rd. That's not horrendous, especially if it only...
  18. Washer fluid jets aim too low on windshield.

    Stick a needle or narrow flathead screwdriver (less than 1mm wide) into the washer nozzle. Carefully pry it upward or downward to adjust. There may be a bit of initial "stick" but once it moves, subsequent adjustments should be easy. Set ignition to ON and check spray adjustment. Re-adjust as...
  19. Honda motors influence on dealers.

    So, you obviously didn’t bother to look up state franchise laws.