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  1. Honda Civic Type R Intercooler OE Breakdown – Design Pt. 1

    i believe they have their own boost tubes. wonder if those would fit or be included
  2. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    Probably better off uploading on youtube and sharing that link
  3. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Ok thought so, went ahead and unchecked and reflash (again). Thanks.
  4. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Should AFM maximum Voltage be checked? I could of sworn I had that unchecked before doing some adjustments
  5. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Finally flashed yesterday. Had little to no time to setup and learn anything (lots going on) drove this morning felt good. Only got on it it twice. I want more power so more mods soon. is it safe I saw 27psi in 3rd? I have lots and lots to learn
  6. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    I mean, he can do as he pleases with his car/wheels. I do agree that they will probably get further damage by just driving with em, thus is the reason i overlooked my imperfections. I also think that consumers deserve a product they paid for at 100% quality, but shit happens, oh well.
  7. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    I thought I was the only one lol. I got mine mounted finally and did notice some “defects” also. Particularly on one wheel, like a small scratch but only visible to me and up close. but to me I would say it is acceptable. It does nothing to the performance of the wheel so it’s all good. It...
  8. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    Wait so we can enable full power for 1st and 2nd gear? I had no idea We can ‘dampen’ it. flashpro gets here soon so just trying to understand some things
  9. FlashPro for CTR tuning results

    So FP gets here on Tuesday. Anything/tips I should do beforehand?
  10. What did you do to your Type R today?

    wondering if that was you I’ve seen get off 152nd st exit a while back...
  11. 30 offset, yes or no

    Ya that seems like a good fitment for bmw?
  12. What are your complaints with the type R?

    ceramic coat it and it PPF. Or re paint lol. Either will cost a good amount of money
  13. What are your complaints with the type R?

    OEM Exhaust OEM wheels Paint quality is not the best.
  14. Titan7 Track Wheels : Civic Type R FK8

    For real. That rust is no joke.
  15. I can't stop driving my car!!!

    I’m starting to REALLY get the itch for an exhaust myself. Stock was so boring. The Prl HVI helped a lot but now I need some type of exhaust note asap. also my hvi doesn’t seem as loud as used to?