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  1. Hitch Project: DrawTite - Hitch / Yakima Ridgeback 2 Bike Rack

    It's been a little while now but between the instructions and some molding artifacts on the inside of the bumper facia, it was pretty easy to determine where the center point was and cut the opening out from the bottom center of the bumper fascia.
  2. Hitch Project: DrawTite - Hitch / Yakima Ridgeback 2 Bike Rack

    I added 2 new photo's to the very end of the album that better show just the hitch beneath the car. Please for give the dirty vehicle... I took the pics before I washed it :)
  3. Hitch Project: DrawTite - Hitch / Yakima Ridgeback 2 Bike Rack

    Did you miss the flikr link? There is quite a few pics in the album[email protected]/albums/72157666889427422
  4. What are these ._files that show up and will not play from my USB flash drive in my Civic?

    It implies that it does not know how to process -delete command line switch. What version of OS X are you running? I have used this on most revs of 10.11.xx I just added some music to my USB thumb drive and the command worked flawless.... Last login: Mon Aug 29 13:27:36 on ttys000...
  5. Something I've never understood about OEM tires

    Same experience that I had. Once the reduced the pressure to what is on the sticker inside the driver's door, things improved significantly across the board.
  6. Anyone know how to remove the passenger side mirror?

    To get the two halves apart also requires (in addition to the two screw locations circled in red) releasing a tab which is the lower right of the 3 retanglar sections in near the upper screw. Then there is a hole in the bottom of the mirror to release another tab (hidden) and finally a screw on...
  7. Anyone know how to remove the passenger side mirror?

    2016 Honda Civic Sedan - Side Mirror Glass Removal Tools Required: -Flat blade screwdriver The removal of 2016 Civic mirror glass from the mirror assembly it is affixed to, seems more involved and somewhat more delicate than the examples I found on YouTube for previous generation Civic mirror...
  8. Potential roof issue

    Can you elaborate?
  9. Anyone know how to remove the passenger side mirror?

    I ended up going a slightly different direction. It turned out the stalk that the mirror is attached was also damaged. So I ended up returning the two pieces I had purchased and purchased the entire drivers side mirror assembly (which included the entire stalk and mirror already assembled...
  10. Totalled?

    From what I see it looks very repairable. Unless there is unseen damage (frame/unibody) I can't imaging it would be totaled.
  11. 2002 Honda Civic EX cranks but will not start

    This forum is intended for the 10th Generation Civic - 2016+. Your Civic is a Seventh generation. A quick Google search for 7th generation Civic forums will get you a list of several different forums that are geared specifically for your model civic. Good luck!
  12. 2016 Honda Civic needs programming by dealer ?

    Not that I know of.... My dealer did ask me my preferences on a lot of the settings and then they set them that way for before I drove it off the lot. All stuff I could have tweaked myself but was a convenience.
  13. Dealer Annoyance

    These might be an option to make the holes less noticeable.... Bumper Plugs and get the dealership to buy them or credit you in the same amount. :)
  14. Dashboards can change color?

    All your base are belong to us... ;)
  15. Touring Tweeter Upgrade

    Is it possible to get the door sail / tweeter out without first removing the door panel?
  16. Question for those with Dash Cams

    If you haven't run across this one already it looks like it lists support for your camera. Free version to try and only $15 to buy the full version.
  17. Anyone know how to remove the passenger side mirror?

    These are replacement parts for my drivers side mirror. I haven't ventured into my own teardown yet.... I also need the stalk piece and I am waiting for that piece to arrive before tearing into it. So at this point I am not 100% clear on how to remove the mirror itself but will likely adjust...
  18. Anyone know how to remove the passenger side mirror?

    I'm not 100% sure about the passenger side mirror but the drivers side mirror has two self tapping screws directly behind the mirror that hold the 2 half's together. The piece on top that matches the color of the car is a snap in cap and there is another cap beneath the reveals two screws that...
  19. Wireless charger VS Apple CarPlay

    Yes you are correct. Carplay (in its current incarnation) requires the phone to be connected.
  20. Question for those with Dash Cams

    I have a Garmin Dash Cam 20. I leave it mounted all the time tucked up behind the rear-view mirror. I have it configured to stay powered on for 5 minutes after I turn the car off. Heat hasn't been an issue for my unit so far. The Garmin also has an application called "Garmin Dash Cam...