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  1. Slammed MSM Coupe Si + Rims

    2018 Coupe Si (Canadian Model) MSM D2 Lowering Springs Konig Oversteer (Opal) 18x8 +35 (factory tires) BuddyClub steering wheel Cheapo Front lip thats about it. Check it out (and my car collection) on my instagram
  2. Acuity Short Shifter ***SOLD***

    ***NEW PRICE AUGUST 22**** used less than 500km this summer (but its not something that wears out like tires - so its basically as new) Have all the original packaging / box etc.... asking $599 obo + shipping (I paid $775 from Garage16 / Teknotic sells it for $852) ***Will ship across Canada...
  3. D2 Lowering Springs with Aftermarket Wheels

    I have an 18x8 wheel +35 and am also using the stock tires, and I have the D2 springs. My car is parked for the winter.........but I can hear it rubbing right now. It rubs when it drives straight, it rubs when its parked, it rubs when it always rubbing. Seriously. In fact...
  4. 27WON Front Mount Intercooler Kit for L15 (testing, R&D, and availability)

    did I miss a previous post with the price?
  5. Wheels on stock tires

    lots of people re-used the stock tires on aftermarket wheels (myself included) pay closer attention to the wheel width, ie: it shouldn't really exceed 8.75 inches wide if you're re-using the factory tire, and I personally would NOT recommend anything wider (like a 9" wide or more) otherwise...
  6. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    18x8 +35 with factory 235's on D2's, and as I stated before, my car almost doesn't roll because its rubbing all the time.:dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno: I guess I really gotta do the tab mod thing
  7. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    I think I remember reading about your delete experience.... A couple of people have referred me to the fender tab mod, but I still don't understand how seemingly others claim to have zero issue with wheel and tire setups much more aggressive than mine.
  8. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    First off, your car looks great! Secondly............... HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?, is my car some crazy Canadian spec or something?, literally my wheels are 1.5 inches narrower (and effectively the same offset) and I rub like mad. Just this morning on the drive to work, I almost couldn't hear...
  9. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    again, I just can't comprehend how this is possible based on my experience with a rim 1.5 inches narrower and a tire 20mm narrower (albeit on a 35mm instead of your +45mm) ...........................also I'm looking into this "tab" modification
  10. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    This is what I'm referring to, I swear on my car if I had an 18x9 and 255's, my car almost wouldn't roll at all (judging by how bad the rub is with 18x8's and a 235) :dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno:
  11. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    My Daihatsu Mira is quite refreshing for what it is / I haven't driven I Honda Beat, so I can't comment on those, but I will say that the 4 wheel double wishbone on the Cappuccino absolutely crushes the 4wheel macpherson strut on the AZ1. Kei cars in general are just so much fun to drive...
  12. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    LOL, yes the Cappuccino is a great car to drive and honestly alot better than the AZ1 I have. And you're totally right that its alot easier to collect JDM goodness because our import law is only a 15year restriction (unlike the 25year restriction as you mentioned that USA has) Cheers
  13. I think I've been misled? (suspension / wheel related)

    Long before I got my 2018 Coupe Si, I was reading this forum trying to make the best decisions on mods, largely based on input from other people. One of my main concerns has been which suspension and wheels to use together. I wanted a decent lowering and a very conservative wheel setup to...

    I've got a couple of Si's (9th gen and 10th gen) and some RHD JDM imports (Mazda AZ1 / Suzuki Cappuccino), and a Type R and a MR2 Spyder etc.... ....they are chronicled (along with the assorted adventures) here: I would really love to grow my base of...
  15. 27WON - Designing the L15 Turbo Inlet Pipe

    completed the form @27won...... take my money!
  16. Picking intake

    swhiish/piisch :spaz:
  17. k20 vs 10th gen Si

    I've got both a K24 9th gen and a 10th gen in my stable, and I previously had a k20. From my perspective and experience, the K series is amazing (much more so than the 1.5t engine) zero comparison
  18. Type R retrofit clutch

    I'm really thinking about this alot...... I hate the heavy flywheel feel of my 10th gen
  19. Type R retrofit clutch

    this is really something I can feel..... and its a major frustration of mine. Its also the biggest difference I explain to people when they ask me the difference between my 9th gen and my 10th gen
  20. PRL items for sale

    Paypal'd :thumbsup: WC