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  1. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question That would probably work. Not sure if it's much different then the stock one though.
  2. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    Ah I see. Sorry I don't know of any. I am pretty sure the 2020 sport diffuser will not work though.
  3. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    So you don't want to run the stock diffuser? What year is your sport hatch? I don't think the new sport diffuser will fit the type r exhaust.
  4. Fk8 OEM exhaust on Fk7 question

    DP/FP are 3 inch. Yes it was replaced with a 2.5 flange.
  5. Quick Clutch Q

    I had my factory DMF resurfaced when I installed my fx350. It cost about $100. I only got 30000 miles out of my fx350 then it started to slip. I'm currently running a SMF now and there is a noticeable improvement with it over the DMF. I wouldn't call it night and day omg you have to have it...
  6. Any other mod I should add before custom tune?

    I would recommend getting the race maf for your cobra. It will net you a little more hp, torque and will give you even more of that sweet blow off sound. Something to keep in mind about the inlet. Sound. Pair it with the race maf cobra and that turbo is going to sound great when you get on it...
  7. Si turbo on non-Si

    Anyone have a good place to buy a used si turbo for cheap? The cheapest I found are $500 to $550.
  8. 1.5T W1 turbo fk7

    I have the 27won turbo with full bolt ons, e85 and custom tune from Drob on my 17 fk7. Like some of the others were saying the loss of low-end torque sucks. But I shift early and just putt around when I'm running errands so I think it's the way I drive that makes me dislike the turbo. Also...
  9. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project

    It's holding up great. It's my favorite mod that I've done to the car.
  10. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project I did the core return option. Ordered on April 3rd, received clutch on May 1st. If you do the no core return option it should be faster. Two things to note about the core return. -Include a note or...
  11. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project

    I switched to Eman's type r retro fit.
  12. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project

    No. My civic was a manual to begin with.
  13. W1 turbo dyno

    Are you going to send him a data log with the TIP? That's great news if it's true that you won't need a retune. I was holding off on buying the TIP because I didn't want to spend $400 on a retune.
  14. 18” factory wheels step down to 17” aftermarket wheels

    Not a huge difference. You can definitely feel the difference though. I have si springs, type r front sway bar, Whiteline 22mm rear sway bar with accord end links. I still have some body roll when I take corners hard.
  15. Does Katzkin leather last?

    My civic doesn't have heated seats.
  16. Does Katzkin leather last?

    I have them in my 2017 hatch and they seem to be holding up very well. I'm at 53000 miles so far. I will take a few pictures of the driver seat for you and post them up.
  17. Question about ctr retro core return

    About how long did it take for the $250 core fee to be refunded after he received it? I'm over 2 weeks at the moment and starting to wonder if this is normal or if I need to try and contact him.
  18. Anyone have experience with the Honda Ridgline?

    I have one. I thinks it's a fantastic city truck. I started trailer camping after I bought it and I wish I had a real truck. It can tow and go off road but it's really not the best for that. I live in Idaho and we have alot of trucks out here. I get some hate for driving a Ridgeline. For some...
  19. New FX400 clutch kit installed

    Did the work yourself? I hope it holds up for you. I had a fx350 with the stock flywheel and It was ok. What really made me upset was as soon as I got 30000 miles it started slipping. It's not my idea of fun changing the clutch every 30000 miles so I'm staying away from Clutchmasters.