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  1. BIRD POO is toxic

    I use
  2. Dragon Report

    You should plan on doing the Wake the Dragon run with us in the [email protected] should let us know in plenty of time. Had a blast last year.
  3. Do you plan to keep you FK8 forever or eventually replace?

    I usually trade every 5-7 years. Cars is paid for, but I know I will get bored. Something else will come along. If I really get into tracking it though...we will see.
  4. Brake shudder after track weekend

    Good to know I’m not the only one. The noise is already settling down some. Sure is disconcerting at first though.
  5. Brake shudder after track weekend

    That’s a little far for me to drive. Looks like a nice track though
  6. Brake shudder after track weekend

    Thanks. I kind of decided the same. I’ve got the new pads here to replace when it’s time though!! The VSA I remembered to turn off for most of the first day. I was getting so excited towards the end of the second day I forgot.
  7. Best dash cams?

    I've not tried it yet, but I want the Waylens Horizon. Currently running an inexpensive one from Amazon I think I paid $49 for it. Search for Anker Roav DashCam A1. Glare is horrible in this video, but gives you an idea of the quality.
  8. CTR owners in Richmond, Va area?

    Yesterday was a crazy day for CTR's!! I saw my twin on Hwy-10 in Chester, then another twin heading south on 288 near Woolridge! Crazy I tell you!
  9. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Didn't know about it...
  10. Brake shudder after track weekend

    Thanks!! That’s an answer I can live with. I’ve got new pads for the rear on order.
  11. Brake shudder after track weekend

    I got a good look yesterday in the direct sun and you can see the pad transfer line on the back pads.
  12. What did you do to your Type R today?

    Prepped the car for the track. This stuff is great. Waterless car wash then a quick spray wax. It peels right off afterwards with no residue. Doesn’t stick great to itself so be aware of that as you put it on.
  13. Brake shudder after track weekend

    Yeah the product I referenced wasn't turning them, just kind of polishing I think. Thanks for the input, I agree the back pads probably need replacing. It's funny to me that my car has less than...
  14. Brake shudder after track weekend

    So I've been searching the forums a bit, and I think I've found at the reason for my problem, but no solution. I did two days at the track this weekend with a total of 7 session of thirty minutes each. On the way home, I noticed a shuddering sound from the brakes under moderate braking at...
  15. Civic Type R at the track, goods and bads! Let's share our experience.

    I suspect I did the same thing this weekend. What's the fix? I've got shudder now when I brake moderately.
  16. Civic Type R at the track, goods and bads! Let's share our experience.

    Went to Dominion Raceway in Thornton, VA this weekend with National Auto Sports Association. I had an instructor for 7 sessions and we had 6 (i think) classroom sessions. Highly recommend for anyone thinking of learning to track their CTR. My only complaint is I've got some brake noise at...
  17. How to clean the engine oil on the hood?

    No no no. Drink the IPA....then wash!! :beer:
  18. Official Polished Metal Metallic Type R Picture Thread

    What's the setup? Looks good. I'm trying to settle on a track set. Curious what you think.
  19. Dealer options

    Wheel locks is about all I got. I added the lighted sill protectors myself.
  20. What do you do for a living?

    I’ve always thought this would be a cool job. Maybe when I retire.