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    I recommend Ktuner. Incredibly easy to use and the performance is unmatched. Support is very knowledge and quick to respond. Go Ktuner and don't look back!!

    I got a Shift Solutions knob. 630 grams, it's pretty hefty and makes for a great shifting feel. Now just need to get the collar and boot to stay up.
  3. Iowa anyone?

    You guys need to join our Facebook group/car club Midwest Honda enthusiasts. Me and lume80 and a bunch of other Hondas from other models and generations
  4. Iowa anyone?

    Nice what do you drive? I work in Clive
  5. Installed sirimoto short shifter

    Are you happy with the short shifter and base bushings? Would you recommend the short shifter after driving with it installed?
  6. Injen Intake for 10th Gen 2016 Civic Turbo: Huge Power Gains!

    Do they sell an extension piece to convert the short ram to cold air? I have the Sri but would like to convert if possible

    @hfpdohc is that the Type R shift assembly you are talking about? I have a 6MT Sport and have been looking for options. if so, is it a direct fit? Been weighing this, but wasn't sure what the difference was and if it was compatible.
  8. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    I installed mine on my Sport hatch over the weekend and tested out some corners....drastic improvement and would highly recommend over aftermarket bars. (price savings + I would very similar results). Install took a little over 45 minutes. Most of the time was spent jacking the car up haha
  9. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    Nice! Mine will be here tomorrow too. Effing right!!
  10. Type R airbox on a SI

    Random thought, do you think the Intercooler from the Type-R would fit us other folks or is it the same intercooler?
  11. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    I got a message that it is on backorder. Had option to cancel or hang on to order....hanging on for dear life that it goes through!
  12. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    Got mine for $94 shipped from hondapartsnetwork
  13. Ktuner Update 4/17/17

    So starter 21 has it included already?! Damn...time to drive
  14. Ktuner Update 4/17/17

    Where is the setting for the no lift shifts? Really want to try that out!
  15. Civic Type R Sway bars on regular Civic?

    You guys have any sites you recommend ordering from or are you all going through your dealer?
  16. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Amazing!!! No other words! I love it!
  17. Installed sirimoto short shifter

    No, stock shifter currently
  18. Installed sirimoto short shifter

    Thanks I'll try it out. Do you consider it a rather easy install?