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  1. Official AEGEAN BLUE Civic Thread

    here is 2 pictures from my car. ''So here in my Garage'' -----) :)
  2. Average Age of a 2016 Civic Owner? [POLL]

    23, civic Touring, had a Pathfinder before, which I trully miss it :(
  3. Little annoying things

    Sadly not. I'm on the south shore of Mtl
  4. Little annoying things

    Totally agree with #11 Wipers, it's never consistant and sometimes the wipers start to go so fast even without big rain.. Very annoying.
  5. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hi! I'm Jean-Luc, from Montreal,Canada. Great place, with civics everywhere! this is mine : 2016 civic touring. Love it so far! The only thing I did to the car is that I asked to switch the tire for the one on the coupe (more softer). See you around!
  6. What's your CivicX's name

    I called Mine Felicity :)
  7. All Blue everything

    All Blue everything

    2016 Honda civic 1.5t Touring Aegean Blue Metallic Switch the tire of the Sedan (Firestone) for the tires From the coupe (Continental) because they were better and softer