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  1. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FK8 Civic Type R. Available now!

    Big shout out to everyone at AWE! I've had tons of compliments on the sound of my car and personally I love it too! It was fairly easy to install. Also, the shipping was pretty quick, the quality was as pictured, and I've really enjoyed driving with this exhaust. I've owned 7 civics. All but...
  2. Coronavirus...

    Well... I just bought this CTR not long ago. Not sure I'll be able to afford the insurance without a job. The place I work at shut down indefinitely. Anyways, my wife has decided our family is self quarantined. I can't say I disagree with it. I just hope I haven't already brought it home...
  3. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    Okay... So using Hondata there is some fixes that correct these issues. It's actually added on base 93 octane tune. Rather than turning them off, which I did for a while, it changed the value required by raising voltage limit etc. for those codes to be thrown. Anyways, hope this helps!
  4. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    These look fantastic!
  5. Well, [email protected]#$. Only took me a week to bend a wheel.

    1 week after buying my new wheels I curbed them. I haven't hit a curb since I was in my early 20s but I finally get the wheels I've been wanting since I was 15 (19 years ago) and scrape. ..... Just barely barely barely but got both passenger side and it looked awful-- like way worse than it...
  6. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Pressed double black
  7. CTR Rev Matching and Emissions Issues w/Check Engine light.

    2019 white ctr here. K&N intake, AWE touring exhaust w/front pipe catless. Using Hondata flash pro on the 91 octane with k&n intake but stock otherwise preset tune. Driving for about 25 minutes then got on it from 2nd to 3rd and right when I shifted to 3rd, boost was like barely there and got...
  8. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    I got them on! It's a little muggy and the car is dirty but here it is! 18x9.5 +38 te37sl Nitto Motivo 255/40/18 and they fit great. No rub thus far on stock suspension. Also, thanks to Civicx forum I got the spare kit and installed it. Woo things are coming along
  9. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Thanks for the quick reply! I originally ordered +45s but System Motorsports where I ordered them is sold out and offered +38s instead. So the tires I had planned were Nitto Motivo 255/40/18. They seemed like they were pretty decently priced, well reviewed, and good for most street driving...
  10. Civic Type R After-market Wheel Guide

    Hi I just bought some te37sl 18x9.5 +38 and am riding stock height. Do you think I could fit 255/40/18 instead of 265/35/18?
  11. Finally got the spare tire kit installed

    I also need help with this