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  1. Combs Sonic Gray Snail

    Here's a photo dump of the car over the past couple months. I'm usually on Facebook and Instagram more than I am here, so if you guys feel like following me you can hit me up on IG @apex_republik
  2. Slothy's Build Thread: Roxanne

    Coming together nicely brotha
  3. Combs Sonic Gray Snail

    This is the stock lip kit on the sport trim. The wheels are Traklite Holeshot 18x8.5 +35 Also, changed a few things up. Painted the wheels and added the Ikon window visors.
  4. Combs Sonic Gray Snail

    Thanks bud! I enjoy them but now I want a decent set of coilovers and 19s now hah
  5. Combs Sonic Gray Snail

    So I didn't realize I was gone for that long. Since I've been gone, I took a road trip from Nashville to Los Angeles. Got some wheels and added a windshield banner for my website. Just recently got back from the Import Alliance fall meet and will be at the Turismo Drift x Slammed enuff show here...
  6. Jonnys_honda Civic Type R FK8 Build

    Damn son, putting in work. I remember the hatch build you had was dope. Now I see your R all over Instagram now hah :thumbsup:
  7. Post your decals

    The windshield banner is my website, shameless plug Then I threw on a few slaps on the back window which I feel like I'm going to take off already.
  8. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    Also at night its hard to get a good picture of the color
  9. Official SONIC GRAY PEARL Civic Thread

    Shot this morning when I had to run to the drug store before work. There's a guy in town who has one too. We quickly became friends haha
  10. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Traklite Holeshot 18x8.5 +35 on eibach sportlines
  11. Eibach Pro-Kit Hatchback Sport

    I've had mine for about 6 months now. I enjoy them but I want to go lower. Patiently waiting for Tein to make something.
  12. Jonnys Honda Sport Touring Build Thread

    Damn son, I'm sad you're parting it out. Looking forward to the next quality build
  13. Anyone running the Tanabe strut bar?

    It's pretty stiff. You'd have to try pretty dam hard to get it to flex
  14. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Well it was yesterday but I took my car on its first road trip from Nashville to Cincinnati. Managed to get a rolling shot.
  15. The Lowered Thread

    Thanks. A few weeks ago I had family from out of town over and I drove them all around for a week so I was pretty much full load with everyone in it. I just have to be careful to miss pretty large pot holes. Other than that it handles great and I haven't had any rubbing issues. I drove up to...
  16. The Lowered Thread

    Got my sport lines and control arms put on a dew weeks ago a long with an alignment.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Tried to get a decent picture now that I finally lowered it.
  18. Combs Sonic Gray Snail

    Finally got around to lowering it today. Pretty happy with it so far.
  19. Anyone running the Tanabe strut bar?

    Just thought I would update, it's been a few weeks since I installed the Tanabe bar. I rarely do any spirited driving but I did a few nights ago on some curvy back roads here in Tennessee and I hAve no complaints. Didn't take very long to install either.