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  1. Weird Infortainment issue after Apple Carplay call

    Oh you have 2019 with physical volume buttons? What I said doesn’t apply.
  2. Weird Infortainment issue after Apple Carplay call

    Set your touch sensitivity to low instead of high if you changed it.
  3. Carplay2air - New Wireless CarPlay Option

    Their advice to me was to make sure my phone wasn't pairing with anything else. It was pairing with the car. Once I turned that off it connects maybe 8 out of 10 times now.
  4. Carplay2air - New Wireless CarPlay Option

    Finally got mine. Currently having a issue with the required initial bluetooth pairing. I've written them for help. we'll see how long it takes them to reply.
  5. Carplay2air - New Wireless CarPlay Option

    I think you have a different product. This one is for iPhone only and doesn't require the apk.
  6. Carplay2air - New Wireless CarPlay Option

    They let me know , after they charged me, they were sold out. Still waiting for a new batch to ship from China
  7. Carplay2air - New Wireless CarPlay Option Just bought this. Waiting for it to ship. We’ll see how it goes.
  8. How to deactivate annoying warning advice at every start of head unit?

    In some countries it doesn’t go away until you press it. Hondahack is the only option.
  9. Apple CarPlay 'No device connected' error

    Honestly, Android Auto not being broken would probably be the best way to tell. I don't think anyone has figured out any definitive differences or tried swapping them. That has reported it here anyway. Though the specs are the same, minus the current years addition of physical buttons each year...
  10. Apple CarPlay 'No device connected' error

    It’s great that they replaced your unit. I doubt I could convince any of the dealers in my area to do that. with the firmware they gave you, it’s not for the 2016. That’s the version people had been installing but having issues with android audio with after. Do you have an android device to...
  11. Apple CarPlay 'No device connected' error

    What firmware is that, just for the record? And they replaced it out of warranty?
  12. I downloaded iOS 13 and got this

    I'm sure over time things like being able to set your security system, or several over situational things will appear over time. CarPlay just doesn't get a lot of love though. You can either turn off the suggestions full stop, or it will decide what it feels is important and show it to you...
  13. I downloaded iOS 13 and got this

    For the record, the split screen isn't static. It's "smart" and can have some situational variance. It just doesn't have much to do so with right now. For example, since I have a myq, HomeKit compatible garage door it brings up a 3rd panel with the option to open and close the garage door on...
  14. I downloaded iOS 13 and got this

    It’s funny to me. Android to me always feels like babysitting. It constantly needs attention and tweaks. For some people all that control feels exciting. For me it just feels like a giant time suck. That you wouldn’t need 10million options for every little thing if the stock version was solid...
  15. I downloaded iOS 13 and got this

    Some of your complaints are a bit out of date. Basically a bunch of a pending anti-trust lawsuits means Apple is playing a little nicer with competitors these days. You can delete almost any app these days. Including Apple Music. You can’t delete the App Store, for obvious reasons, but...
  16. Viper4android and Carplay

    I was able to get Honda Hack up and running again. Viper4Android and CarPlay does not work. Even after selecting the Music Effects option and locking the output. Bluetooth the on/off is a pronounced change. If someone is absolutely certain please post a video of them turning the effect on and...
  17. Wireless Carplay Dongle Is Available For Civic

    Doesn’t the Amazon link specifically not show Honda as a compatible car?
  18. Viper4android and Carplay

    That was my experience as well. I need to reinstall Honda hack and am having an issue so I can’t test again at the moment.
  19. Viper4android and Carplay

    I"ll give it a try in a bit here. To be clear though. Audio over bluetooth has always worked. The issue is getting wired CarPlay audio to be affected. I just don't know the version of V4A I have installed offhand. That's the only variable I can see that would be different. You're the only...