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  1. Hatchback owners: any 3rd brake light blackout overlays available?

    Im looking for someone who can make a custom text/logo as well
  2. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    I have the retro R clutch and Mfactory LSD on deck ready to be installed once my stock clutch slips. So you really did not notice big difference going from 27won to 2860r? I raced an CTR with a catless dp, intake and hondata basemap and my car was pretty much on par. That is the main reason I...
  3. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    Im actually on 27won tuned with e30 by drob. Im still on stock clutch too. Im just looking for ways to squeeze more power. Thinking if going prl 2860r g2
  4. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    How much power are you making now compared to having the w1?
  5. PRL BIG TURBO. Who’s running it?

    Has anyone run the 2860r gen2 on a sport hatch? Is it safe? Can anyone pitch in? I would make this switch in a heart beat.
  6. Canada - Ontario Eibach - Sportline Springs

    i had to check it myself. specs are different for si and non si. the si spring is about half an inch lower than the non si. i cant find any spring rate specs difference tho but it should be the same spring sizes.
  7. Canada - Ontario Eibach - Sportline Springs

    I always thought Si and non si springs are the same. No rubs until you hit deep potholes or high bumps, then youll hear a slight rub.
  8. Cmc and CDV

    Thats sucks I remember it was like em1 cmc replaced with oem rod.
  9. Cmc and CDV

    Why not get the em1 cmc? Its been used on the 8th and 9th gen? Why not on the 10th?
  10. KZCMC Thoughts?

    I wonder if em1 cmc fits? Thats what the 8th and 9th gens are using?
  11. KZCMC Thoughts?

    Following. Id like more insight to this
  12. Help me diagnose my used R’s Issues

    Could you be running in coilovers with cancellors? Probably needs an alignment?
  13. Comprehensive Hatch Spoiler List

    Good luck copping with one of these nowadays. A new one cost $1400 shipped. I hope ABSdynamics makes one that just a stick on.
  14. Morimoto XB Headlights - Personal Review

    Pros : Completely adds aggressiveness to the car's look Switchback DRL with Sequential Signal Output is better than stock, but not even close to par with my retrofitted True HID projector Cons: aim level adjuster - easily breaks aim output is low price $$ Previously, I used to owned a...
  15. Kentucky FS: kTuner v2 mount for under radio stack

    Im happy with it. Before I just placed a bottle behind it to hold the ktuner lol
  16. Texas WTB coilovers, exhaust, or sidemarkers

    I have a Remark exhaust for hatchback
  17. 1.5T Call me crazy...K Swap Dreams

    i wonder how much a rear ended totaled type R would cost? that would be the best to buy and swap all the parts to make a complete conversion also an easier route would be a 2.0T accord engine I have also thought of swapping to an older K engine but how would emission take that?
  18. FC1 Engine swap into FK7

    Ever thought of swapping an accord 2.0t in your hatch? I would like that