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  1. The community tuning reliabilty thread and community involvement

    I don’t know why anyone would take the time to crap on the thread if they’re not willing to support it. Not surprised at a general lack of participation as sometimes people are too lazy to be bothered to throw in their 2 cents and are here for just a few posts to fulfill their own wants... but...
  2. 2018 Si Sedan Chirping at Idle

    Use a Freon sniffer that detects a Freon leak, see oil leaking from the shaft or the thing simply doesn’t cool properly.
  3. 2018 Si Sedan Chirping at Idle

    Yes. It’s a mix of Freon itself and oil. A recharge made my noise stop for some months. To me, it always sounded like flow noise... and I think it was because of a small leak from the compressor’s shaft. I held a stethoscope on the compressor itself but I never really heard anything that I...
  4. 2018 Si Sedan Chirping at Idle

    Mine was not the belt. It was the Freon running through the lines. Take a mechanics stethoscope or even just a long screwdriver and touch it to the Freon lines near the firewall and listen. If you’re like me, you’ll hear the same sound you’re hearing in the cabin. Mine was at its worst in cooler...
  5. Rice Cooker

    Looks like KITT just went into Super Pursuit Mode.
  6. Dream Car

    My passions for cars has cooled a lot... and not much excites me anymore. The few I think that’d be fun to have that’d be my “lottery cars” if I became an overnight multi-millionaire would be... Tesla 3 or S Performance-trim A new Z when they come out C8 Corvette Some flavor of new Quadcab...
  7. 2018 Si Sedan Chirping at Idle

    I don’t see how. One has nothing to do with the other. The intercooler is also worked on by removing the front bumper and swapping... so one shouldn’t risk collateral damage to the other when installing.
  8. Wonder why Honda didn’t go with a flat engine in cars

    Yeah.... the 90s and roaring 00s were pretty ok.
  9. Wonder why Honda didn’t go with a flat engine in cars

    Love to see Honda make a sports car for the masses. CTR is a great car performance-wise... but a FWD 4-door 2+2 hatch doesn’t quite fit the bill for me. The Acura costs as much has my home.
  10. Wonder why Honda didn’t go with a flat engine in cars

    Good question as to the flat 4. As the the lack of the 8... they’ve never pushed either a “proper” truck that was geared around high towing capacities or a “muscle” type car. While turbo 6s have come into their own in trucks in the last decade, Honda’s Ridgeline, while having great utility...

    They doubled your APR to try and sell you on a monthly payment and making even more through interest. Hence the longer terms for a seemingly lower payment. It’s cute how they want you to pay twice as much internet for this deal with earlier you were able to get a still-high ~5%.

    Agreed. Despite the lack of the trim in ‘21... I expect the depreciation hit will happen all the same. It’ll be valued the same as a ‘20 sold in November ‘19 with the mileage adjusting the value. Unless there’s some massive savings... I don’t touch last-model-year cars still sitting on the lot...

    Also (since I didn’t see this)... it’s a ‘20. It’s essentially a year old car model year wise at this point. It depreciated a grand sitting on the lot... new or not. The deal is even *worse* so far as I’m concerned. They’re wanting you to pay too much for a car that’s not even the current mode...

    I paid around invoice plus doc. Had some trade equity which also made a huge effect on sales tax... but that’s no very applicable in this case. Used a credit union to get preapproval for an interest rate much lower than what you’re showing. Dealers are going to doctor interest rates for monthly...
  15. Realistically, what is the next car you are aiming to get in the next couple years?

    I’m going to give the new Z a hard look. I also have considered selling my 19 year old standard cab, 2WD open diff w/a V6 for a slightly newer but still relatively old/cheap 4x4 V8 pickup w/a quad cab that would better suit the intermittent use the current truck is getting. That’s looking 3...
  16. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Agreed. I’ve done a little work beyond just oil changes on piles of different engines. Anytime my old Z has had an issue (and most have been simple things... coil packs, wiring connectors, injectors [Ive got a shaved cheater plenum so it’s no big deal], crank angle sensor, etc.) nothing else has...
  17. Who's man's?

    Yeah... that and the shaggin’ wagon from Dumb and Dumber. My version of Jay Leno’s garage if I won 100+ million lotto would have each.
  18. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    True. The VR30DDTT absolutely fits in a 370z and they’ve been running mules with that motor installed for awhile. I mean... for the new car... it’s their same FR platform... so it’s not like it’s a from-scratch car. Had they installed the VR30DDTT years ago with a minor refresh, the 370z turned...
  19. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Yeah... I have to ship one from GA to WA years back. Didn’t ship it from WA to NY. It was a bit of a pain and figured the salt belt would kill it. They just threw dirt on the roads in WA... not that it helped that much.
  20. Any student engineers here? + professor experiences?

    I went through the navy nuke pipeline and finished a BS degree early this year. Going and knocking out the degree through an online school was cake... doing about 30 credits inside 2 years. When I was going to a brick and mortar school... I did had issue in College Algebra/Statistics because my...