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  1. Civic Si. vs. Audi S3?

    I did exactly that moove 2 months ago. I traded my 2017 SI for an S3 technik. It is a 48 months lease, i always lease my car and since i’m fully confident of the long term reliability of the audi. When i look at the initial quality after 2 month. The audi wins hands down the competition vs my...
  2. Si vs. Forte GT vs. GLI

    I though 57 mph was the maximum in second
  3. Si vs. Forte GT vs. GLI

    2017-2019 also need to shift to 3rd to get to 60
  4. Bye bye SI

    Smaller than the civic on the rear but it is not a problem for me since only my young kids sit on tue rear seats.
  5. Bye bye SI

    It is my turn. I felt in love and got a good deal on an Audi S3 tecknik. I loved my SI, still think it is one of the best value on the market. Beside some reliability hiccup and the engine that lack personnality (in my opinion), the SI have been great for me but it is now time to make a moove...
  6. My severe anxiety is making me dislike driving my car

    That’s exactly what I was about to write. Good luck
  7. End of Civic Si and Coupe for 10th gen

    Except for the chrome around the windows, the civic coupe look great and have no aesthetic flaw. I own one, I have 2 young kids who are growing fast... the 2 doors start to become an issue. Im not surprise the coupe disapear, the demand is too small.
  8. Motor Trend's render of the 11th gen Civic sedan

    Which canadian prefer the old 2.0l over the 1.5t??? I don’t
  9. Shifter leather assembly

    Good idea the credit card trick! It work! i don’t know for how long but now it look clean. i will mention it to the dealer next time i change my oil thank you guys!
  10. Shifter leather assembly

    Thank you for the info Do you think it worth trying to fix it myself or I should wait for a dealer appointment?
  11. Shifter leather assembly

    Hi As I was washing the interior of my 2017 civic SI i realized that the leather of my shifter assembly seems to be detached (sorry I dont have the right term for it) i guess it is still under warranty but Inwas wondering if some of you have the same problem and if you already try to repair it...
  12. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Same for me!
  13. The Si's power figures are underrated

    I know But i believe in numbers, theres no magic
  14. What made you go with a 10th gen Si as opposed to competitors?

    When I bought the SI, the A3, WRX and GTi were the main opponents. I was about to pull the trigger on an A3 but my honda dealer madr me an offer ($$$) I could not refuse. Eventhough i may change the SI this year, i must admin that in term of value (performance, equipment, fuel economy, price)...
  15. The Si's power figures are underrated

    unfortunately i think the GTI was not really trying... they trap 3-4 mph higher than the Si. That difference impact more at high speed.
  16. Rear Suspension Clunking

    My SI 2017 have just been repaired according to the bulletin. Although is it not that cold today (-5 degree celcius... ) the car feel solid with no noise at all. i hope it will remain like that. 2 years ago they tried to fix it using a different procedure and the noise came back the year after...
  17. If you could change one thing about your Si what would it be?

    35 more horsepowers 35 more pounds feet of torque
  18. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Lucky you! Im waiting for the parts to get the job done Apparently the parts are on back order
  19. Motortrend tested the 2020 civic SI

    Not significantly faster... not worthed the milleage hit.
  20. 2020 Civic Si Reviews Compilation

    14.2 sec for a 205hp car... don’t think so