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  1. Moulds on roof rubber?

    Easily replaceable parts if you cannot remove the stains. Actually you should remove them at least every year to clean the body beneath them so whatever crap might be there doesn’t eventually compromise the metal with rust.
  2. KZCMC Thoughts?

    Typically you cannot place an order until pieces are available for the very reason one is not waiting and waiting. If you were able to order the CMC it will probably show up within a week of ordering, like how your clutch only took 2 days and you’re up over the border according to the country...
  3. KZCMC Thoughts?

    Have both Eman's solutions, the CTR retro and the CMC modified and the feeling is vastly superior to stock. I wouldn't say customer service sucks, I'm also not of the current society position of 'GIVE ME NOW' mindset. Where has patience gone with the vast majority of people?
  4. Passenger side mirror camera delete..

    That Schwarzenegger tuuuma looks hideous to my eyes as well. I was in the same boat as you, could never really tell which part number was the cameraless version. I had planned to just reach out to a friend back in Japan to just order a driver side mirror there, but never got around to it...
  5. Well...... hmm.......... this is a first I've seen on a 10th gen....

    なせばなる, the hiragana on the windscreen lower banner means essentially ‘if you have a mind to do something, you can do it’. This individual has taken the phrase to heart, not my cup of お茶, but if they’re happy...
  6. Prl of MAPerformance downpipe

    I have both a MAPerformance and PRL downpipe. My MAPerformance is a catted version with the upgraded GESI cat and black ceramic coated and the PRL is a catless version. Went the catted route first and no issues with it, except the stock heat shield never really lined up well with it. I bought...
  7. Wiring Single Sub

    I've removed all the rear speakers (no rear seats) and utilize the rear full channel for my input to my amp (Kicker Key500.1) as the factory sub only passes 40hz and below on its output so you actually lose most of the lower frequency. If your amp has speaker level inputs, you don't really need...
  8. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FC1/FC3 Civic Si. Available now!

    This is with SWIFT springs, I think you just need to loosen it and adjust the mid-pipe upwards some. My lowest point is just after the bend in the mid-pipe where the rear section mates up.
  9. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FC1/FC3 Civic Si. Available now!

    Had zero issues when I was I initially running the 3 tip section. Cannot imagine the single side is any different.
  10. Canadiaegean Blue's Si Sedan Build Thread

    Hub bore is quite important. If not hubcentric putting all the stress on the lugs.
  11. SPOON BBK :3

    The factory rotors on the Si are 310mm. The rotors with this kit are 300mm.
  12. SPOON BBK :3

    With better pads sure. Personally I wouldn’t go smaller rotor, larger and wider is where it is at. For $45, pretty damn hard to beat though. 😁
  13. SPOON BBK :3

    Possibly, but the same 300mm rotor is used on the Snisen. Just happens to bolt right up and Spoon didn’t do anything more because the hatch in Japan like the US comes with 280mm rotors, so that it is actually a big brake setup. So on the Si, this is a small brake setup with more clamping...
  14. SPOON BBK :3

    The rotors used are 10mm smaller in diameter than the stock rotors.
  15. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    Type in what was provided.
  16. PIDs for Torque/Torque Pro?

    That’s what they are if using the formulas given.
  17. What's your SI looking like today?

    Finally got around after procrastinating since February when all my stuff was delivered from Japan. Got the Defi Sports Display F, Advance Unit and oil pressure and oil temp Advance BF gauges up and running. Though the gauges I’m waiting for a 2 gauge pod to be delivered from CJMIndustries...
  18. Presenting the AWE Exhaust Suite for the FC1/FC3 Civic Si. Available now!

    You know you really want the AWE more, be Nike and Just Do It!
  19. What type of oil does everyone use?

    Look up Dress Up Bolts on IG if you have it.
  20. What type of oil does everyone use?

    Can also order a bag of 20 on Amazon. I myself ordered 2 bags because cheap and better to have than not.