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  1. 2022 Civic Prototype world debut!

    Please see at sister site CivicXI.
  2. 11th gen 2022 Civic sedan first official teaser! Concept debuts next week.

    We've added some more close-up revealing images at (you all have accounts, with same login). Please continue discussions at:
  3. SPIED: Newest look at 2022 Civic Sedan prototype

    Just posted!
  4. Pricing/Buying/Ordering forum issue

    The captcha challenges are normal and may pop up from time to time on the forum, but it should generally be very infrequent. It's our anti-bot system at work.
  5. Here's the 11th Gen Civic SEDAN revealed in patent filings

    Now here's the next gen sedan. See at sister-site
  6. 11th gen 2022 Civic SEDAN spied

    See the prototype spy pics @ newly launched sister site Pics:
  7. 11th Gen 2022 Civic (Hatchback) Revealed in Patent Images!

    We've just obtained this advanced first look at the next (11th) generation 2022 Civic Hatchback in these official patent images. Revealed at sister-site
  8. Pricing/Buying/Ordering forum issue

    Strange, I've tested it on multiple devices and it all works fine. Have you tried on a different phone or device? Logged in and logged out?
  9. Pricing/Buying/Ordering forum issue

    Thanks for reporting. Is anyone else experiencing these particular issues?
  10. Pricing/Buying/Ordering forum issue

    I checked the section and that appears to be when the last post was made to the Pricing/Buying/Ordering section. So it appears the most recent thread listed in the forum main view is correct?
  11. Nissan Z

    See renderings of the 400Z in 11 different colors: LINK: 400Z Production Colors Simulation Renderings Full set --
  12. Nissan Z

    For those interested in the new Nissan Z (400Z), we invite you to join us at sister-site
  13. 2020 Civic Type R - Boost Blue Pearl 350 miles

    And a reminder to all that threadcrapping classifieds threads is against site rules. Doing so may result in warning/infraction/ban. RULES:
  14. Improved Search Results + Search by Date or Relevance

    The site's forum search function has been upgraded and should now yield better results. There are also added functions such as: Search bar suggestions / autocomplete Search by date range (newer than / older than) Sort search results by relevance or date Search images You can find the the date...
  15. SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Because that spam account was already spam-cleaned, which includes deletion of all their PMs sent.
  16. SCAM ALERT: Unsolicited messages/conversations asking you to email someone for parts!

    Please report one of the user's messages using the Report tool/icon in the message.
  17. New Functions: Mentions / Quoted Email Notifications & New Alerts Settings

    Mention & Quoted Email Notifications You can now receive emails whenever someone mentions you (using @) or quotes your post. Just visit your account settings at: and check the following boxes. Alerts Grouping & Marking Alerts Unread...
  18. Video: 2021 Civic Type R Limited Edition Teases #TypeRChallenge at Suzuka Circuit

    Phoenix Yellow Type R Limited Edition teases #TypeRChallenge in this short clip from Suzuka Circuit. No explanation as to what this is all about, but it's likely some type of lap time challenge on the Suzuka track for the Type R Limited Edition. Stay tuned for more...
  19. Fuel pump recall issued for 2018-2019 Civic Hatchbacks and Type R

    Here's the breakdown for U.S. vehicles being potentially affected by the recall: 2018-2019 Acura NSX: 146 2019 Acura RDX: 34,405 2019 RLX: 124 2019 RLX Sport Hybrid: 206 2018-2019 Honda Accord: 11,227 2018-2019 Civic Hatchback: 24,235 2018-2019 Civic Type R: 1,785 2018-2019 HR-V: 39,676...