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  1. Dream Car

    I own Model S and I know that Teslas might be fragile... but don't trust anything you see on the internet. Giving a tour and owning totalled Teslas, like he does, kind of a different cases. He got his tesla bonuses suspended and he got mad and disappointed, I don't blame him and I watch his...
  2. Ultra Racing Chassis Braces - 20% OFF November Promo!

    Any discounts for suma performance stuff?
  3. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    I didn't start my car for over 2 weeks now... lol let's see how works after a long pause
  4. 1 thing you hate about your 10th gen civic?

    I hate huge auto dimming rear view mirror that covers the whole view... I'm 6.3 and with seat all the way down it really covers the view, especially when taking turns
  5. 2016 Civic LX wheel compatibility

    any wheels from any trim from all 10th gen civics are direct fit (except TYPE R) I personally have 10th gen accord wheels and tires on my LX
  6. Dream Car

    Long Range Model X with 7 seats, it is both sporty AF and roomy :)
  7. Used RX350, Acura RDX or brand new CRV?

    I'm looking to replace my wife's Rogue Sport, a.k.a Qashqai and want to get into something a bit better, bigger... so CRV comes to mind, for $32k I can get EX-L AWD.... but for a less money I can get slightly used RX350 (2010-2014) or Acura RDX (2016-2017) both with around 20k-30k miles...
  8. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    I didn't read 20+ pages since my last message lol, but quick sum up, did anyone find if built in mic works? The one on the M400 that says MIC left top corner?
  9. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Changing radio region completely messed up my radio and my m400 started freezing and music cuts off... put it back to whatever I had before and all back to normal... weird
  10. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Worked great for a day till I realized I had wireless carplay... didn't use my usb since then, all works perfectly
  11. California [TRADE] Black cloth seats

    Hey, this is me from Facebook :) We talked earlier :)
  12. California 16 inch LX wheels

    BUMP price is OBO
  13. FS: Civic Si sedan rear bumper, BC Racing Extreme Low Coilovers

    LOL OP Last seen Nov 10, 2019
  14. Post your LED headlights

    I decided to keep S3 Sealight for now, they seems a bit brighter than Hikari 2020 edition and brighter than X2s, mostly because they have better focused and brighter hotspot, also they seem to be close to true 6000k, hikaris seems to have more blue, maybe close to 7000-7500, instead of...
  15. Post your LED headlights

    Of course, Amazon has free returns, why would I need 8 H11 LEDs when I only have 2 cars?
  16. Mobile paint in Bay Area?

  17. Post your LED headlights

    For testing I got bunch of LEDs from Amazon, I haven't tried them on my Civic but tried them in my 2020 Odyssey: Sealight L1 $29.74 Sealight X2 $61.19 Sealight S2 $62.99 Sealight S3 $79.99 Hikari Ultra $89.99 VLEDS micro extreme $170 GTR Ultra 2 $199 This is not a scientific test by any means...
  18. How to check if I'm buying a real CF lip?

    I'm about to trade in my steel wheels and tires for CF lip, but I don't know how to make sure if I'm getting the real CF part? Any tips?
  19. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    What exactly you need help with? UI? Or finding carplay? look for ZLink or TLink and it works just like any other CarPlay. There is not much you can change in CarPlay