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  1. Ktuner & Pherable

    Genuine question, what would happen if you ran the God Mode tune with a stock downpipe or just any downpipe with cats?
  2. Honda Civic Si 2017 Coupe Mods Recommended ?

    Hey do you by any chance have any recommendations for LED interior bulbs?
  3. Blinking 3rd brake light (coupe)

    I can't stand those blinking taillights for the life of me on any car especially at nighttime in stop and go traffic, I hope none of you ever have to encounter such a terrible sight
  4. Went from Aegean Blue to Sonic Grey Pearl...

    Bruhhh Join the Tristate X Gens facebook group I think that's where they organize everything. I haven't been in a long while though bc of the pandemic. Don't think it's a good idea to go to car meets during this crap but after this is all over it'd be sick for some more Type R's to show up for...
  5. Honda Civic Si VS Veloster N

    I'd only get the one with the PP bc of the horsepower, exhaust, LSD etc. It's a bit more expensive than an Si but a lot faster and I enjoy the looks as well. Even though it's a hatch I don't think it has as much storage space as the Si and the interior is not nearly as nice. Crap ton of...
  6. Went from Aegean Blue to Sonic Grey Pearl...

    Dang man this really sucks. Definitely sad to see you go but the CRV is a great daily especially in the EX-L trim + hybrid. Maybe 11th gen or something will be tempting enough to see you back on civicxi or something haha
  7. Went from Aegean Blue to Sonic Grey Pearl...

    You ever come down to the KOP meets?
  8. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    What's the orange sticker? Looks familiar
  10. Cherry bomb Hatchback sport

    I have an Si but we have the same engine so similar sound I assume. I put one in place of my resonator and deleted the mufflers. It sounds amazing and I love it and so does everyone that hears it lol. Doesn't sound like Hondas of the past for sure. Lmk if you want sound clips or something but...
  11. Quoted $500 plus for 15k mile service on 2019 Si

    I'm p sure cabin air filters are to be changed every 15k-30k bro
  12. Choices on Catback Exhaust?

    I'd look into AWE Touring Edition exhausts those are on my wishlist and the tip selection is crazy too I really like those. They have good soundclips on Youtube as well
  13. Show me your aftermarket shift knob

    What's that magnetic phone holder?
  14. THIS JUST IN: They've announced all new colors for the Civic Si

    I thought they discontinued Energy Green?
  15. New Front bumper garnish

    What are those three parts ordered?
  16. A metal "rubbing" sound coming from the wheels

    I think a few of us have had a similar issue and it's been the brake shims. A few of us here had it covered under warranty, others just tapped it back into place. Is it like a high pitched screeching kind of noise?
  17. 2019+ Civic dome lights different than 16-18?

    Yes I was able to and honestly there wasn't anything really different I did unfortunately. You just have to keep trying. I'd recommend cleaning it to get the oil from fingers off of the bulb and then using gloves or something to get a better grip at the base.
  18. What color is your Civic Si?

    Whoa you went from Si to Type R and back to Si?
  19. Si Exhaust System Recommendations for 2020 Civic Si

    I'm running muffler/resonator delete right now but down the line I think I want to pick up an AWE Touring exhaust. Out of all the ones I've heard from MAPerformance, 27won etc. I think that one sounds the best and has lots of options for the tips as well. They're also local so I was like hey...
  20. Just Traded in my 2015 SI coupe for 2020 SI 4 dr.

    Ah got it, so that's only if you're at a lower RPM, not if you're above say maybe 4k-5k right?