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  1. My first speeding ticket...

    What do you mean lol?
  2. Please help, issues with p0139

    No, your O2 sensors/hardware isnt bad. It has to do with the tune itself. Likely the BOV is messing with the a/f computer readings with its exaggerated blows. I agree with above.
  3. My first speeding ticket...

    So I've been riding for about a year now on my motorcycle, and I've never received so much as a parking ticket (okay maybe once...). Today I was pulled over not on my bike, but in my family's minivan ffs by a NY state trooper. I knew I was getting a ticket the second he demanded LICENSE AND...
  4. Any motorcycle riders here?

    The R3? Super easy and fun to ride, even for experienced riders. It has enough punch to have fun in the twisties and be really forgiving. Gonna be selling it for a new bike really soon ;(
  5. Any motorcycle riders here?

    The Aprilia is a great bike, CycleCruza got one lol. Yes, you can't beat the aerodynamics of a supersport haha
  6. Any motorcycle riders here?

    Sweet bike man, nakeds must be really fun on track. I am seriously looking at the BMW f900r right now. The price tag is appealing...
  7. Condenser replaced; AC still blows hot air

    I just had mine replaced today--dealer found the faulty condenser. But wow my dealer diagnosed the problem and replaced the part the same day. All within a few hours at no charge. I love my local dealer, and that's coming from someone who calls em stealerships... Gonna drive the car home...
  8. water sloshing on startup?

    I've had this problem in numerous cars, notably my brothers Audi A6. I replaced the lower intercooler as it was leaking coolant and refilled the coolant, but turns out there was a bubble there that would sound like water sloshing around. Dealer bled the system and all was a-ok. As a side note...
  9. What’s maintenance that people should do to their civic once in a while

    I second this. Coming from someone who lives in the northeast and every dam brake job on my cars I have to replace the caliper in whole as the slider seizes in the caliper and the nut breaks off. P I T A.
  10. CVT Destroyed at 45k, looking to MT swap

    Dude its your car, and your mods. Do what you want, and I would personally enjoy doing mods like these.
  11. SI transmission in a Sport hatch project

    Sorry if I missed something, but did you have to swap the transmission module/ecu in order for the ECU to know you have a manual in place here?
  12. Maintenance Minder for Transmission Fluid

    Do not mind the "forum folklore" folks on here commenting. Yes, you can certainly reset items that are not due. Just go to the maintenance items in the dashboard, press and hold "Enter" for at least 10 seconds and choose the item that needs to be reset. I believe transmission fluid is #3, but...
  13. Turning AC off when driving hard ?

    This is completely wrong. Where did you get that from? The only cars that use motor-driven compressors are electric vehicles. Making the alternator drive the compressor is only beating a dead horse. You are not achieving anything
  14. My A/C took a poop...*Dealership update*

    Same here man, my 2017 EX-T is showing the same symptoms. Like you said, the drivers side is warmer than the passenger side. This is a typical sign of low refrigerant. I am gonna drop it off Monday morning to get it checked out. Luckily i am only at 28k miles :).
  15. Yep that happened

    And thus, a greater distance equals a greater MPG. Fuel injector "squirting" is irrelevant. Only distance is required for MPG (and injector firing, but volume needs not be measured) But yes you are right Injctor cleaners on the 1.5 civic does not do jack to clean.
  16. Any motorcycle riders here?

    True man. I think gear makes you look sexy...haha Ever since I took my I first slide I wear all of my gear all the time. I even recommend all riders wear the Turtle Helite Airbag vest. That, is a true life saver
  17. Oil leak at 19k miles

    Oil leaking on that motor is common at the valve cover seal. There should not be a reason for it leaking that early, may just be a faulty seal.
  18. Any motorcycle riders here?

    Beautiful bike man, ride safe!
  19. Any motorcycle riders here?

    What is your guy's take on riding a bike? My family hates motorcycles, and they say I'm just gonna crash one day...:stirthepot: I dont mind it, the joy of riding is far more intoxicating than the fear of it. A fellow rider just fell next to where I work. I believe he perished RIP. Wear your...
  20. Any motorcycle riders here?

    Those are some nice cruisers!