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  1. New Battery already?>

    It's widely known that Honda had a bad batch of batteries in the 2016-18 Civics, and some early 2019s. Most have come back with partially failed cores. They are hard to diagnose if you drive frequently, as the surface charge between trips is often enough to mask larger issues. The OP's issue...
  2. Recovery mode alot more often

    I can confirm that this is a problem not only with KTuner, but with other OBDII readers as well. I'm not sure exactly why this happens, as I thought the modules were reading information only (unless a request is initiated manually by the user). I don't see why the ECU would pick it up as an...
  3. Design's Long Term Ownership Thread - 2017 Si

    Update @ 54K. Been a while since I've updated this thread. Few new things since my last post: TRS Morimoto HID kit TSP Stage 1 Tune TRS Morimoto HID Kit One of my biggest gripes coming from the Speed 3 to the Civic was the lack of HIDs. I fixed that last year with a Morimoto HID Kit from...
  4. The Oil Thread

    Latest UOA attached. Mobile 1 EP 0W-20. I wanted another readout after upgrading from the K-Tuner Base Map to TSP. Sample taken within 30 min following an 11 mile drive. Driven mostly on Map 2.

    Interestingly enough, a good portion of top oil brands rely on snap caps. I tend to see the foil wrappers on coolant bottles.

    That's actually quite surprising since the EP bottles have a clear line to check for color/level before purchasing. FYI the next time you pick up a quart (or gallon). :cool:
  7. Mobil 1 Extended Performance

    Here's my last UOA running Mobile1 EP 0W-20. The results speak for themselves.
  8. Buy now or wait for 2022s

    The 4th and 5th years in a model's cycle are generally the most reliable. And you can probably get one at a decent price before demand for the new models go up.
  9. Guess the stock clutch is slipping!

    I'm about to cross 25K on the Ktuner Base/TSP maps. Not a single slip at any PSI. I think the stock clutch is fine but requires some TLC at lower RPMs.
  10. Does anyone know the actual differences between Map 2 and Map 3 on Phearable?

    You may not always see much of a difference on 91. TSP is also subject to a similar limitation as KR rises and timing is pulled - especially in hot weather or under repeated pulls.
  11. DIY: Convert Center Console to Leather

    Updated to include Insight part numbers as confirmed through this thread:
  12. Fabric to leather armrest and center console swap

    I'm now coming up on 2.5 years since installing the leather center console and adjacent trims. I bought them way back preinstalled when they were fairly inexpensive (and OEM overlays were not yet available). So far, it's held up perfectly despite two scorching summers in 100*+ heat and 45K+ of...
  13. Lacking Character - My (long) Si Review

    I have a feeling the Si will go up in demand slightly while production goes on hiatus for the next 18 months. I've put on almost 60K on mine in the three years I've owned it. For the price, it's hard to find a better balance of performance and practicality. Though like @zroger73 , I've been a...
  14. I have the Phearable tune should I buy TSP Stage 1 to try out?

    If you're light on the throttle like I am when just cruising around neighborhoods, it can cause a bit of jerkiness a few seconds after letting off the throttle. On the base maps, there are three rev hang delete settings. TSP chose the most aggressive option for their map. It can be toggled off...
  15. Hows everyone modding their cars during Covid?

    Work for us during the pandemic is beyond nuts (thankful for that though). No time to mod lol. But would love to invest in the HFP suspension.
  16. Hondata Question

    They aren't cross-compatible according to Hondata. You can always email them the module serial number to confirm. I believe the 2015 uses a much different PCM logic.
  17. I have the Phearable tune should I buy TSP Stage 1 to try out?

    I am considering trying out the Phearable tune as well. Derek's TSP Stage 1 is very good, and definitely a step up from the base maps. Factoring in so many who have used it without any issues, and it's hard to justify anything else at the moment. My only gripes are what appear to be aggressive...
  18. Poll: Is 2021 going to start the 11th generation?

    It will go on a brief hiatus and come back, per commentary from Honda.
  19. How often do you get the urge to impulsively trade/sell your Si

    I'm on 3 years with the Si and could easily see myself keeping another 7. I get around it by alternating cars every 5 years. My wife loves stick like I do. So it's likely our next car will be something similar to the practicality/ reliability of the Si. A lightly used Accord Sport 6MT is on our...
  20. My girlfriend hates my Si and I understand why

    From a community that is well-versed in trade-ins, it's clear you know what to do. 😁 All kidding aside, this car is one of the smoother manuals you can get. The bushings do wear thin after 20-30K. Otherwise it's a fairly comfortable commuter.