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  1. 0-60 time in warm weather ?

    I did a run today, temp was 30F and i'm using an app called Drag Racer. It uses GPS so obviously not accurate. I did have some wheel spin and i got 5.8 to 60 and 14.2 1/4 mile at 102. I also have Ktuner 21psi map.
  2. Most 2016 Civics have trunk rust!!!

    Yes. Seems some pumps have more pressure than others and it does happen.
  3. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    Ceramic wax is awesome. Really like the way it makes the water bead and roll off.
  4. Sunroof gap.

    Take it in for service, that's not right. Some on here have had sunroof problems. I also wouldn't use it until its fixed.
  5. What does your ID stand for?

    My current wife happens to be my 1st girlfriend from high school. I stupidly split with her, we both married. I found her on FB 35 years later. We've been together for 9 years. She is awesome! My name i just came up with when I registered. I've owned 1 or more Civics since 1985, and had 3...
  6. What does your ID stand for?

    I saw Rush in 1975, my 1st concert.
  7. 10th gen civic 1.5t CVT Stalling while driving

    I know it was serviced by Honda, but you might want to have the CVT fluid checked for proper amount.
  8. Most 2016 Civics have trunk rust!!!

    2016 coupe, no rust on either side. When I wash it, I do notice it's harder to get the soap out of that area. Sometimes I wash my car twice a week.
  9. Who has the most miles on their 1.5t civic?

    Wow, I'm at 110,000 miles and still on original pads too.
  10. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Did my 2nd CVT fluid change at 110,000 miles.
  11. Been putting off rear brake replacement...

    I do get lots of salt here in northern Illinois.
  12. How to change Transmission Oil on 1.5T CVT

    I just did mine for the 2nd time, I'm at 110,000 miles, been Ktuned since 63,000. 1st change was at 49,000. I used hcf 2 again. I get it from a Honda dealer I have a discount on parts. Cost me $9.86 a quart. The oil was a little darker than new oil but not bad looking imo.
  13. Im having too much fun!! Type R vs a G37!!

    Something wrong with your car. I'm in a tuned ext no bolt on. G37 in front of me couldn't pull away from me. It was lowered and had an exhaust. Those cars are heavy.
  14. Been putting off rear brake replacement...

    Great write-up! I am amazed at the condition of the rotors after only 31,000. How much material was left on the pads? I do mostly highway and on my 2016 ext with 110,000 I am still on the original pads front and rear.
  15. What's your favorite car to race?

    This year had a Silverado z71 rocky ridge edition, a newer Jeep (not a Cherokee) and a G37x. I didn't pass them, but they also didn't pull away from me. I'll go against anything even if I get smoked, just for comparison. I like seeing fast cars driven the way they were intended to be. Pisses me...
  16. Meguiar's Hybrid Ceramic Wax 2 Months Later

    Ceramic is incredible. I used it for the 1st time this year and was convinced of it when I put gas in my car one time and a little spilled onto the paint. I grabbed the window squeegee to clean it off, by the time I turned back around, the spill had almost completely run off. Great stuff! I...
  17. Oil Leaking Everywhere - Disaster!

    Sorry for your problem and hopefully the engine isn't too damaged. My honest opinion, if you own a Type R and can't change the oil yourself, don't buy one. These new age techs, just loaded with brains and common sense.
  18. Toyota Camry destroyed me civic wtf

    Trd Camry. LOL! Can't beat the 2.0 Accord. Sure the Civics not a drag car. I went heads up against a Chevy Silverado rocky ridge edition, a new Jeep (not a Cherokee) probably V6, and the last one recently an Infiniti G37x. All were off the line. None of these cars could pull away from me. I have...
  19. KTuner App for 0-60 and 1/4 Mile Times

    Sorry to revive an old thread, but has anyone tried the app Drag Racer? It's GPS based, it seems to work pretty well, but i know it's accuracy could be off. The run i tried gave me a time of 5.6 0-60mph. 14.6 1/4 mile. Ktuned 19/21psi, this may seem too fast for the only mod i have, but i have...
  20. Thanks Carvana

    I put in my 2016 ext coupe in great shape, paint chips of course, a ith 109,000 miles. They only offered $8700. Fuk that, its worth a lot more to me than that.