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  1. 2021 Civic Type R Price Announced With $500 Increase

    That's actually quite "reasonable" considering only 600 for the US of A. I think we'll see 2X markup in some coastal area that shall remain nameless. Let's say 80k + mandatory accessories. And you know quite a few ballers will gladly hand over their pocket change for a Limited Edition Phoenix...
  2. Will this car challenge the Civic Si?

    In real-world racing (TCR class) the Veloster N is actually not that far behind the Type R. The Si is next in the echelon. Really, the N is quite a rocket for the money. Winners and Races
  3. Strategy for growing your money?

    Balance your portfolio based on your age and risk tolerance between VOO or VOOG and AAPL, AMZN, or TSLA. Don’t try to time the market.
  4. Anyone lose gas mileage after adding a front strut bar?

    You'll need a Canadian turbo sticker. That'll fix it right up. /s ;) Honestly, that's an unusual observation. Maybe have the alignment checked after putting on the FSB.
  5. Just saw a new Phoenix Yellow Type R. How?

    A forum member has a wrapped Phoenix Yellow CTR in the GTA area:
  6. Can you test drive a CTR?

    1.) Befriend an owner from this forum or Facebook 2.) CarMax or any used car dealer 3.) Rent one for a day on Turo
  7. PEEFREE's Civic Type R FK8 Build thread - Track / Street

    :( Really sad to learn about the issues. I'd fix up the gearbox / trans and give it one last go. If it doesn't respond the right way, move on. I believe giving it more time and not enjoying the result isn't worth it, IMO. Find something that brings the joy back. Good luck!
  8. Hondata...looking for some clarification

    It's based on your fuel and mods (93 oct, IC, HVI, exhaust). Hondata only has a calibration for the IC & fuel combination. The HVI and exhaust don't require a custom calibration. If you use 91 octane, select the corresponding 91 octane cal.
  9. Hondata...looking for some clarification

    If you use 93 octane gas, after remote jailbreaking the ECU and installing the FlashPro software, click on New Calibration and select the "93 octane, intercooler, improved throttle response" calibration and upload it onto the ECU. It's more convenient to use a Windows laptop to perform these...
  10. JB4 PiggyBack Tune on Civic Type R

    Have fun!
  11. First CTR Limited Edition on Track in Germany

    Beautiful driving. Look at all the respect from other drivers. Unfortunately, it’s just too quiet for one biker to even notice its existence.
  12. Double sales tax on out of state?

    You pay tax in where you live only. Might have to pay temporary tag (~$120) while the car is in transport. If less than 900 miles away, I’d take the weekend off and get a rental and drive back TBH. I drove alone from DFW to Los Angeles in about 30 hours (including rest stops and meals) when I...
  13. problem year type R’s?

    2017 - 2021. They're all the same as far as powertrain. Just buy any year within your budget, used or new.
  14. Will this car challenge the Civic Si?

    Was up with the creases and the grille? The person who approved the design clearly doesn't drive a Hyundai or ever washed a car by hand. His/her subordinate clearly didn't have the balls to call the design trash. It's similar to the 2016 Prius redesign that tanked its sale. Hyundai was nearly...
  15. Who scored a Phoenix Yellow CTR Limited Edition?

    7k-10k markup is common in the US. Save up now if you plan on getting one.
  16. 18 inch rims with +60 offsets

    OT: The number of tire kickers on OfferUp and here is disheartening. I’m better off keeping my factory CTR wheels (with tires) and use them on my grocery getting Civic sedan; only need some adapters for around $180 and they don’t look half bad on a sedan. OfferUp is a cesspool. I’m getting a lot...
  17. Did you buy your Type R out of state and if so, what transport company did you go with?

    1300 in April 2019. Prices are seasonal so get quotes on
  18. Sold: Factory CTR Wheels with 245/35R20 Summer Tires

    Updated with actual pics!
  19. Who scored a Phoenix Yellow CTR Limited Edition?

    Yeah, there's a website for it. 500 were sold out in a few hours. Put yourself on the wait-list if available. Many on the list got in because people cancel their reservations for one reason or another. Maybe it's first time for Honda Canada. Definitely not...
  20. Did you buy your Type R out of state and if so, what transport company did you go with?

    It's summer. Enclosed for sure. and Montway. I had good experience with Montway transporting (enclosed) my CTR from PA to CA.