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  1. What's your SI looking like today?

    Labor Day Cleaning
  2. PRO Design Track Style Front Lip for 2017 Honda Civic

    I ended up ordering an Ikon lip (CS Style I think) off ebay. Received it yesterday and the quality is a bit flimsy but it'll work out. I'm debating on if I want to paint it before mounting as it's flat black plastic.
  3. Bayson r lip fitment?

    I think I actually like this split look better.. I won't be able to reuse the center part in the rear like you did (Si HDMI exhaust) but for $65 it doesn't sound too bad (vs $100+ on others). How's the quality and did you screw it in, double sided tape or both? EDIT: Just saw Shipping is $50...
  4. 10th gen civic type r shifter

    I've been running the 17-18 CTR shifter on my Si for about a year and a half... bought it from the dealership for $50 and it's def a nice upgrade for the cost. I don't have anything to compare it to but I would say it's more clicky than the Si shifter. This past Christmas my brother (way over...
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Installed Morimoto XB headlights and (last week) plasti-dipped the factory Si wheels.
  6. Official MODERN STEEL METALLIC Civic Thread

    Removed the plasti-dip from the factory Si wheels I did last year (basic black with red vinyl on the trim). Did something different this year. 4 coats a black base coat 3 coats Bright Aluminum Metalizer 1 coat glossiffier I'm happy with how they turned out but I still feel I made some...
  7. Full Replacement Rear Diffuser for Si sedan

    Doesn't look too bad though I'm not much of a fan of the two tabs on the top. Would look a lot cleaner without those. IDK if they're there for support or someone thought they looked good. Priced at $50 isn't that bad either.
  8. Aftermarket LED Tail Lamp Owners

    I got the Seametal Smoke LED tals off eBay during one of the site wide 15% off deals. I haven't had any issues with them since installing and I love the look. When i did the install I did wrap the shit out of the cabling with electrical tape to prevent any moisture shorts. So far, it's gone...
  9. If you could change one thing about your Si what would it be?

    I've had to replace the backup camera twice (under warranty) so far on my 17' Si. Granted mine's not garaged but I do my best to keep it clean and dry. Typically it's happened over the course of the winter (water getting into the lens). The lane watch camera however has the shroud so that's...
  10. I want to hear your exhaust, please

    I have it inspected by a shop a few blocks from home (vs 30 min to the dealership). They haven't given me any trouble. The RV6 isn't supposed to set off any codes and I've been running it for a year now. I also got the Catted downpipe which also helps on that end.
  11. What's your SI looking like today?

    You just convinced me to get some side skirts, front lip and oem mudguards. Looks great man. Any trouble with snow?
  12. What's your SI looking like today?

    Custom startup animation (one revision at least) Still looking around for a font that better fits the Si logo. the 'i' is good but the 'S' needs something else.
  13. PRO Design Track Style Front Lip for 2017 Honda Civic

    I see you're in Colorado, how's the lip fairing with winter (cold/ice/snow)? I've been tempted on getting something for my Si but NY winters are making me hesitant and I don't want to have to remove it and reattached it between seasons.
  14. I want to hear your exhaust, please

    Factory Si mufflers, resonator not removed. K&N SRI RV6Catted Downpipe/Frontpipe (video was cut off to stop my friend from reving on a cold start). Another after it's warmed up.
  15. Trunk Duckbill Spoiler Found this one which doesn't look too bad. Look like it'll cover up any holes for OEM spoilers. Not sure if this spoiler needs to be screwed in but I'm betting it's tapped on (I...
  16. Going back to stock exhaust!

    I replaced my dp/up with a catted RV6 but the factory exhaust is still in place. I love the tone on it now and every time I think about getting something different I think to myself that I don't want more drone (or spend the hundreds of dollars). Even thinking on removing the resonator I go back...
  17. What color rims for Modern Steel Metallic?

    I've been leaning toward black or gun metal wheels. For a while I was thinking Bronze (with black accents or vice versa) but I'm not sure how well it'll go with the MSM.
  18. Check out my SI's SMOKED LED Tail Lights!

    I have the Seametal variant on mine and in videos/pictures they look far more orange than they do in person.
  19. 2019 Sports Sedan Front Bumper swap with Si Sedan

    Is it strange I have considered swapping out a sport bumper(s) on my Si?