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  1. Post breakup regret and sadness

    I’ll give you some perspective. I was with my first SO for 6 years. We split and I thought I would never get over it. Now, I’m glad we did, because it made me into who I am today. Ive been dating on and off now for a while. Some people I’ve dated for a few months, and others ive dated for a...
  2. Parting out some stuff from my Civic Si Sedan

  3. 2022 CIVC live debut

    That hood is just asking for paint chips, I just know it. Though it looks a lot better than I thought initially, I'd rather have the 10th gen.
  4. Canada - Ontario Civic Si Sedan Part Out

    Bump. 27WON intake, tail lights, and shift knob are still available. Price drop on intake. I'm open to shipping any of these items within Canada only. Tail lights are ready to go as well as the shift knob. For the intake I would prefer pick up because I do not have packing materials on hand...
  5. Parting out some stuff from my Civic Si Sedan

    Winter Tires/Rims are sold. Tail lights, intake, and shift knob still available.
  6. Clutch failure in 2020 Civic Si

    Clutch is a wear item yes, so are brakes. But look at Honda's past. The 8th gen accord burned through brakes and rotors to the point where Honda did have to change them under warranty for a lot of owners because of the abnormally fast wearing/warping of the pads and rotors. As long as there's no...
  7. California Type R badge number for sale plus shipping

    To whomever buys this for their civic Si or Type R with a higher badge number...
  8. Parting out some stuff from my Civic Si Sedan

    Update: Exhaust is sold, everything else is still available. Dropped price of rims and tires to $850. Adding pictures of the rims here.
  9. Canada - Ontario Civic Si Sedan Part Out

    You clearly missed the part where I’m in Canada bud. It’s $110 plus taxes here depending where you go. If you’re not interested, don’t comment.
  10. Canada - Ontario Civic Si Sedan Part Out

    R400 Catback has sold. Everything else is still available.
  11. Canada - Ontario Civic Si Sedan Part Out

    All of these parts came off my Civic Si Sedan. It’s leaving me on Tuesday and all my parts are off the car now, so everything’s is ready for immediate sale. My schedule is busy so meeting times are kind of limited but I will do the best I can. No shipping unless the item says otherwise, and...
  12. Parting out some stuff from my Civic Si Sedan

    Yes you’ll need the smaller MAF housing from 27 WON. If you want the intake I can have it off my car within the next week. I haven’t found a replacement vehicle yet so I’m taking my time returning the car to stock. Taking things off as they’re selling.
  13. Parting out some stuff from my Civic Si Sedan

    A sad day because I didn't think I'd be doing this so soon.. I have to let my 10th gen civic Si go due to financial and education reasons. I'm parting it out and reverting everything back to stock. I'm posting here because I am not shipping anything except for the shift knob and possibly the...
  14. How fucked am I ?!

    I guess realistically it depends how much money he’s got to “invest” into the car and how far he’s wanting to go. If he wants to build a beast then maybe the TSP built block is his best route. But if he’s not taking it much further than what he’s got now (I’m doubting this scenario) then...
  15. How fucked am I ?!

    Seen this last night but was too tired to reply. I won’t repeat things regarding the custom tune or mods. Go get another leak down test. Especially after running the car again after your initial tests. The fact that Cylinder 1’s compression is a decent amount lower on a newer engine and white...
  16. What's your SI looking like today?

    Put my black emblems on. Super happy with the look! Next will be the “civic” and blacking out the Si emblems front/back.
  17. How do I change out the 3rd brake light bulb?

    I second going forward with a warranty claim. You surely fall under the B2B warranty and LEDs lasting a year is not normal.
  18. Strange Knocking sounds

    You’re better off posting in the engine/transmission forum. You won’t get many answers here. Also when you do, include your year, mileage, which engine, if you’re running a tune, etc. Just saying you have strange knocking sounds without saying anything else doesn’t help one bit.
  19. Canada - Ontario Genuine Red Emblems for Civic Sedan

    Selling my Civic Sedan red emblems (smaller rear emblem will not fit coupe) for $40 CAD plus shipping costs. Would prefer to keep it to Canada only for shipping or local meet in London, ON or in southwestern Ontario. Reason for the cheap price is because the front emblem got hit by a stone, so...