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  1. Transformer project

    Updates are in garage:thumbsup:
  2. Tuning show`s/motor fairs around the world (VIDEO)

    I `ll make the step. Please post any video/picture from any world corner where your car has been? I mean tuning shows etc. From Estonia, my car is there too.0:31sec.
  3. Wrapped hood?

    Nice but how they/you cut edges?
  4. Wrapped hood?

    Can you tell me what color it is? Dark grey or black 5D?
  5. Photos of Touring Amp

    I did mine upgrade too. I layered mine hatch doors with sound matts and back trunk too. I didn`t change any original speakers ( not yet). I added Active subwoofer into the back trunk and it plays very well!! Loud nice bass...
  6. Photos of Touring Amp

    How`s going? more pictures?
  7. Does anyone have these under-hood trim pieces? (I don't)
  8. Does anyone have these under-hood trim pieces? (I don't)

    For 1,5L civic
  9. Screen protector?

    NO, you must buy an aftermarket one from ebay :)
  10. Hatchbacks and under the seat subwoofers

    Any pictures from navi back? How you connected your wires behind navi?
  11. Transformer project

    Made some changes! Carbon pieces.
  12. Is there some sort of film on the display audio system from the factory?

    Yep, I bought mine screen protector from ebay.
  13. Mugen Style

    Mugen Style

  14. Transformer project

    I call my project name: Transformer Honda. Why I`m doing this? My car is going to Exhibition this september and I would like to make some changes :) To be part in Tokyo Nights theme tent. That my plan (Photoshop). Carbon 5D roof, matt black stripes on hood, carbon down-spoilers (originali...
  15. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Hi Again, My recent post was a littlebit boring :) But I can change that. My Car is 1.5T Hatch Sport, Rally Red color and lives in Estonia. Plans for my civic: I`m going on Car Show this September with civic and made my plans to tune it as a Transformer civic. Carbon details/dashboard, custom...
  16. First oil Change

    Haha.. It`s only possible in U.S. I live in Estonia, Europe and my ex civic FD 2007 oil change was only 180€ :D It`s about 199$. Now I got my New civic Hatch and I dont want to know how much they charge from me for 1. Oil Change.
  17. New Here? Introduce Yourself!

    Interesting place for my civic :) Hi, from Estonia, Europe.