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  1. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Is it free to do something in the TSB ? or you have to pay for it ?
  2. Push button start

    OK I dont know whats going on with my car haha. I made some test and thats what I found: I have to wait like 2-3 seconds after I enter the car to push the start button and actually start the car with my first push. If I dont wait those 2-3 seconds, ill have to push it two or three times to...
  3. Front Lip

    Does it stick with only 3M, or did you use something else ?
  4. Push button start

    Yeah it goes throught accessory mode. Most of the time it goes like this: I push it once, some lights turn on I push it a second time, it goes in accesory mode I push it a third time and then it starts the car
  5. Push button start

    Hello everyone, I puchased my 18 Si a month ago and I have a dumb question. How many times do you have to press the push button start for the car to actually start ? For me, its seems like sometimes I have to push it twice and sometimes three times. How many times is it suppose to be ? Thanks
  6. Front Lip

    Hey looks really great ! I'm interested about that, since my driveway is pretty inclined and my bumper always rub on it so I dont wanna buy a 200$ lip and just smash it everyday... Is it something like that ? I dont find anything around 10$. Where did you buy...
  7. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    Wow car looks really great ! Do you have spacers on ? Thanks
  8. Black stock exhaust tip?

    Thanks a lot for the info ! How did you do it ? Just clean it and paint it ? Also, do you have more pictures with different view ?
  9. Direct fit Si front lip coming out soon!

    Same here ! Let us know if there's something !
  10. Wich tires with 18x9 +30 wheels

    I bought the car used and it came with winter tires only, so I have to buy new summer tires anyway. So you think the 235/40 would fit without rubbing or anything ?
  11. Wich tires with 18x9 +30 wheels

    Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a newbie so I'm asking for some advice. I have the chance to buy some used wheels at a good price. They are 18x9 +30. What tires should I buy for it to fit without further modification ? I have an 18 Si sedan on stock suspension. Thank you !
  12. Black stock exhaust tip?

    Also interested in that. If someone has some info about it :)
  13. Any blacked out 10th gens here?

    Car looks great ! I was thinking about doing my fog lights red. Did you ever been pulled by the cops for that ? And what is the product you used ? Thanks !
  14. Post your aftermarket wheel/tire set up

    I love it ! What's the name of those wheels ? And what are the specs ? Thanks !
  15. Looking to Buy Used '18 SI

    I was in the same situation as you. Im actually buying an 18 Si today, but I think I got a fair deal. Best deal for 2019 Si was 30.5 k$ (CAD $), and i got the 2018 at 26 k$ with extended warrant 7years/160km. Maybe you could get something similar
  16. Canadian Pricing Negotiating

    Yes, invoice price is 27 025$. So if he's giving me 28 690$ MSRP, he's basically doing near 6% of margin, I guess its a lot. How much is it supposed to make ? like 3-4% ?
  17. Canadian Pricing Negotiating

    Thanks for the advice ! I'll be more prepare to negociate this saturday, im going to see atleats 3-4 dealers.
  18. Canadian Pricing Negotiating

    Hey guys ! Im currently looking to buy an Si sedan 2018. I went to a local dealer today (near Montreal) and he gave me exactly what's on the Honda website. 28 690$ MSRP 34 659$ OTD with winter tires worth 1 100$. He told me there's only 9 2018 Si in Quebec right now. Is it a good price ? It's...
  19. Possible facelift for 2019 SI

    Yeah will probably do that but im still waiting for the 2019. Im not in a rush so im still wishing for a refresh :)
  20. 2019 SI preorder availability

    Alright thanks for the answer. If they refresh the rear bumper on the Si I think im going for it, if not i might go for the Sport trim