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  1. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Thanks for the input, but the LX and Sport model do not come with the FM module in the rear. Only the EX and Touring models apparently.
  2. Lunar Silver - Best Wheel color/setup

    Any lunar silver hatchbacks with gold or bronze rims?
  3. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Just recently installed my Android stereo I purchased from Phoenix Automotive Inc. I received their RK-PK6 64G model, and so far have one foot out the door to returning it. 1.) FM/AM radio reception is noticeably poorer than the stock LX/Sport head unit which is sad. I checked for a FM module...
  4. Anyone else have a Phoenix PX6 10.4" Android HU?

    If you don't mind me asking, when did you buy your radio? I've been waiting over a month for them to even send me tracking information for my unit. Communication doesn't seem to be the best with these guys.
  5. Pro Car Studio front lip, did yours look like this?

    This. Using a heatgun or blowdryer on it should get it back to it's original shape. If not, try reaching out to ProCivic again.
  6. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Anyone order their radio from Phoenix Android recently? Wondering how long it took for you to even get tracking information let alone the radio.
  7. Mugen FK7/FK8 Hatchback Tail Lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Spacer install?

    Yeah, you could use the factory car jack.
  9. Are the ProCivic Window Visors worth it?

    They're on this forum, so you can PM them asking if they have a discount code. They're usually glad to hook you up if they have one available. The visors are fairly easy to install with room for error. Video guide below - I'm happy with them on my hatchback, and would likely buy them again if...
  10. Spacer install?

    I don't know your situation, but if you are installing hubcentric spacers like Garageline's, all you have to do is take off the tire and put the spacer on. The only thing you'd need to buy would be a torque wrench to properly tighten the bolts. They're not that expensive, and worth the purchase...
  11. Paint rear vent trim?

    I think painting the "bridge" does make it look better/cleaner. The paint on the vent trim doesn't seem to make much of a difference.
  12. Rotten Eggs - Catalytic Converter

    I've never smelled it once on my sport hatch.
  13. Comprehensive Hatch Spoiler List

    Nice! The problem I've had with the duckbill spoilers out right now is that they don't span across the small section of the tail lights which make them look stunted IMO. I love that the Casale duckbill goes all the way across. The only thing that worries me with their spoiler is whether it...
  14. After market lip for civic sport (replaces stock lip)

    Just to confirm, you were able to get the Bayson lip to fit over the hatchback SPORT lip and not the hatchback stock lip?
  15. BaysonR window visor

    @r.camlin When I ordered my ProCivic visors, they had HIC stickers on them.......
  16. Window tinting. Would it be weird...

    I have 5% tint all around, and visibility isn't that bad. You get used to it. If you're still worried, go with a less darker tint.
  17. Mods 2019 civic hatch.

    You could definitely tune a cvt hatch. Gave mine a nice performance boost with just a generic tune. Just don’t tune it with too much boost and wreck your cvt like some of the members here....
  18. NorCal Bay Area - Free hatch front bumper (damaged)

    I have a damaged OEM bumper I was saving to try repairing and using as a project bumper. However, I don't think I will have time any more, and the wife has been bugging me to just get rid of it. I'm throwing it out there to see if anyone wants to take it off my hands before I junk it. Local...
  19. Mods 2019 civic hatch.

    Exterior: Replace or wrap sidemarkers (unless you prefer amber). HID (non-retrofit) is next cheapest. You're in SoCal, so window tint is a must. Roof and/or hood wrap if that's what you like. Window visors & various ebay lip kits are available for the base hatch. Interior: Some people like to...
  20. 13$ eBay darkest smoked side marker review

    Are those aftermarket taillights or did you wrap / pinstripe the outlines?