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  1. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    I can get errors to show up by starting the car while in accessory mode. You can set the notification noise in the Android settings to silent so you don't hear them ding. As the person who created this thread ~10 months ago and I think was the first to encounter this issue: I am not dead yet...
  2. Audio Touchscreen System Tips & Tricks

    This is already known for the Pilot. You can change it while the car is running, but it forgets it after. For more details, look at the XDA Dev thread linked earlier in this thread.
  3. My experience using an extra phone for permanent Android Auto / Carplay

    What problem were you having? Were you replying to someone's specific issue?
  4. Audio Touchscreen System Tips & Tricks

    For the auto lock, at least on US models we can enable/disable it with I think a series of locks and unlocks or something (or maybe it was in settings on the headunit). Maybe it comes disabled by default and you can just turn it on?
  5. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    Lights on the cluster is a bit more concerning than the infotainment warnings! You can take it to any Honda dealer for warranty service if you want. You can also call the free Honda roadside assistance and tell them about it and they will probably come pick your car up and take it to a dealer.
  6. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    There are multiple pictures in this thread of where to stuff some foam, as well as DIY threads about how to fix it to a very good level. 15 minutes and a few bucks, it's really just not worth it to complain. Here's the foam I used, I highly recommend a thick neoprene over the squishy insulation...
  7. 3 year old OS pre-installed on touch screen

    When using Android Auto, Bluetooth is used for calls (why reinvent the wheel when every car with AA already has Bluetooth calls). Normal audio is transferred using USB, as far as the phone is concerned it thinks it's playing on speakers. The microphone for voice recognition appears to also go...
  8. Touring subwoofer rattles.

    Plus it was such an easy fix. Buy the right foam off Amazon from this very thread, less than 15 minutes to cut up a few pieces and stuff them around the brake light. No rattle. The people opening up the deck lid and putting dynamat are just going the extra mile.
  9. Navi on Non-Navi model, Is it possible?

    I would be more worried about it not working to swap in the different head unit.
  10. 3 year old OS pre-installed on touch screen

    They use a custom version of BlueZ, see the open source licenses. So I doubt that has much effect.
  11. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    When it's for real, the lights on the meter/DII will light up. That's the primary source of information. The HU displaying errors is an additional feature that is apparently messed up.
  12. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    Just want to clarify for everyone new to this thread: this has been around since early December, and has not caused any problems. They're just spurious warnings. Go by the warning lights on the meter (DII), they are more accurate. Honda most likely knows about it, so unless they come up with a...
  13. Navi on Non-Navi model, Is it possible?

    Could you send me a copy of the Pilot's files? I'd like to dig around in some of the custom apks.
  14. Navi on Non-Navi model, Is it possible?

    I remember someone looking it up and the part number between Navi and non-Navi headunits are the same. So yes, there is a Garmin apk on EX and up because it's the same unit. And you can see the car is still getting GPS by just swiping down the notification bar. The unlock .csv is interesting...
  15. Your android auto / carplay experience thus far? (been good for me - so far)

    It's just how it's designed, normally switching sources doesn't change the screen at all, AA/CP are the exceptions. Why are you using satellite when you simultaneously have much higher quality music available through your phone? :p
  16. Walk away lock feature problems

    You can press the unlock button twice and hold and your windows will go down. You can do the same thing with the lock button and they will go up. Perhaps you are doing that accidentally? If not, your remote is probably messed up. You could bring it to the dealer.
  17. TPMS + ABS + Brake system + ACC freak out?

    I really do believe that it's safe to drive. From every report and my own experience it just seems to be a minor glitch that gives errors. You know you don't have low tire pressure, you know your brakes work. Your battery isn't dead, so your charging system is working. You can always test if...
  18. Honda Care extended warranty

    No, they're selling the same product. Edit: ninja'd
  19. Audio Touchscreen System Tips & Tricks

    This has been covered earlier, it's called the Factory Diag screen. You can reprogram the EEPROM of... something? Be very careful as editing that can cause a brick.