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    Not everyone who buys a Civic does so because they want the SI or CTR. Some, like myself, bought the Civic for every other reason and a nice value add is that the car is fun as hell to drive. I’ve got the Hatch Sport Touring and have always thought that the car is hella fast for me. As...
  2. Whats the worst fact a dealership has told you?

    I had quite the experience since I ended up having to purchase 2 vehicles within 3 months of each other. See my other post how my first EXL Hatch was totaled and replaced by a Sport Touring. Both times I worked with the same salesperson/sales manager combo. On the EXL, I wasn't told too many...
  3. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Thanks everyone. I picked up a Sonic Gray HB ST. I'll post some pictures after I pick it up from the detailer tonight. Had another coat of CQuartz applied to it.
  4. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Here is the car after they got it to the tow yard and body shop
  5. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    You can see where I was attempting to make a left turn, the other vehicle ran the red light, slammed into me, and then spun me a complete 180.
  6. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    I forgot to update this post but unfortunately we don't have Teddy around anymore. After being in a little fender bender, the EXL Sonic Gray was totaled. Here are some images from the day of the accident and the car sitting at the tow yard and body shop
  7. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    Well... the time has come to replace the Civic. Going on having it for two days but the dealership was able to find another Sonic Gray HB for me. This time I went with the Sport Touring and I love it. Here are some of the pictures that include a comparison with the OG Ex-L.
  8. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    Hi Molatte, Unfortunately at this time I do not want to go into the details of the accident in a public forum since I am still in the process of resolving this with the other parties insurance.
  9. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    Several have asked and sent me messages about it but I did buy the GAP insurance. Best $269 I will ever spend. Nothing like learning so much all at once about how insurance works, auto loans work, liabilities work, etc.
  10. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    For Sale: -Slightly used Honda Civic -Less than 1900 miles -Minor Cosmetic Damage :D:D:D
  11. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    You're right. I came out significantly better than the other two passengers in the van. I don't think they even saw the red light to hit the brakes. Spun me 180 from where I was originally pointing.
  12. Totaled HB Civic Saved Me

    Hi everyone. As I kind of already gave it away, I was involved in a pretty intense accident about a week ago. Totaled my 3 week old Civic HB when I was making a left on a green arrow and the other driver ran the redlight. Airbags deployed but I have to say that the Civic is an incredible car at...
  13. Ceramic paint protection worth it?

    Some final pictures after it cured for two days in the garage. Right before the rain rolled in though, but the water beads up so nicely.
  14. Ceramic paint protection worth it?

    Went with the only option he had but it was through a good friend so I knew he did quality work. Chose some CQuartz
  15. Ceramic paint protection worth it?

    Wanted to provide everyone an update on this Ceramic coating. Here is what the guy sent me two days ago after he finished, I just need to pick it up later this evening after it cures.
  16. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Check out that reflection!!
  17. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Window Tint After telling the dealership to not add their window tint to the vehicle, I decided I couldn't be "fish bowling" much longer. I passed on the dealer covering this cost since I wasn't sure of who would do it and the quality of work. On 6/2/2017, I had dropped Teddy off on my lunch...
  18. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Some pictures from on top of the parking garage near my house prior to the sun going down. Same day that I picked up Teddy!
  19. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    I wanted to start a journal to be able to track and update everyone on the new Sonic Gray Ex-L HB I picked up this week. The initial post will be about the delivery and then subsequently I'll post changes/pictures along the way. My girlfriend has named it Teddy and I kind of like the name. It's...
  20. Civic HB Delivery to US

    Well it looks like the day finally came. Picked up the new car yesterday and had to get some pictures in. I've already got a tint appointment on friday morning. Think we're doing 20% all around