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  1. USA-001 Limited Edition CTR raffled to the public (via charitable donation entry)

    I did not get an email confirmation for my free entry. Make an account and check to see if it went through.
  2. Why is there NO rev hang in the Type R?

    The RPMs (revs) hang higher for al little longer between shifts. It makes it longer to shift quickly. Normally when you push in the clutch pedal, the revs drop like a rock. The Type R doesn't do this, and the Si is even slower to do it.
  3. Tips for a Manual Beginner?

    So when I got the Type R I had only been driving a manual for about a week, maybe a week and a half. The Type R was kind of purchased on short notice (family member got in an accident and wanted to buy the same example year, model, and color of my car). My logic was as follows: it is an...
  4. Tips for a Manual Beginner?

    I put the car in gear now when stopped, but didn't before. Didn't check if it was in gear when I started the car for the first time. Heard the front splitter scrape against the parking spot stopping block :( Epically sad. I'm over it now though since that front splitter probably looks like...
  5. Tips for a Manual Beginner?

    Hill assist automatically activates if you are on the brakes and in gear. So if you clutch in, release the brakes then select 1st, you will roll back. If you clutch in, select first, then press the brakes, it will hold for a few seconds or until the car starts moving forward. Edit: if you...
  6. Stock Dyno Pulls

    Dynojets measure at the axle right? That would create a higher reading, but that’s still a tad high. Were any corrections done to the dyno run?
  7. New Kid on the Block

    I think it was about 1000 pounds difference in price.
  8. New Kid on the Block

    Basically this :p To be honest, I thought it would do worse though.
  9. Gearbox

    You have to be deliberate and strong with your shifts, but you also can't go crazy fast and bang gears. Timing is kind of finicky with the Type R; you can't force anything.
  10. 2020 Grill Install

    Oof, yeah, that's true.
  11. 2020 Grill Install

    Damn, dealership won't let you return it?
  12. 2020 Grill Install

    The smaller front emblem has been known about for some time actually.
  13. Does anyone love their badge number?!

    Mine's 8484. I guess it could be very lucky if you're Buddhist.
  14. What did you do to your Type R today?

    It's driving in the desert (not to be confused with driving in the dessert ;) ), though the dust/sand it's kicking up is lighter than expected :p
  15. 2020 Grill Install

    Wait, are you confirming that the 2020 grill will fit with the 2017-19 eye brows? Have you successfully fit a 2017-19 grill on your 2020 with the 2020 eye brows or 2017-19 eye brows with your 2020 grill (either would confirm that they are modular with each other)?
  16. CTR top speed 169MPH?

    You're right, power varies with the cubic of the velocity (P = ½ACρv^3) after accounting for drag. So 2x velocity requires 8x the power. So the Type R would need just a smidge under 2500 HP to go double the speed (assuming this added power doesn't increase weight). Going back to the ZR1...
  17. Fk8

    I remember walking around the Honda dealership after putting down the deposit on the Type R. Popped the hood of an Si. Tried to close it gently, when it didn’t close a salesman came up to me and told me you have to drop it down from a foot as to not bend the hood.Kind of the opposite of what I...
  18. CTR top speed 169MPH?

    The CTR has always been drag limited at 169 MPH. Keep in mind that doubling the top speed requires 4x the energy to do.
  19. 3 Month Update 8,700 Miles on My 2020 CTR…..

    The CrossClimate 2 are an all season tire, so a loss of traction is unexpected. Long drives will improve gas mileage regardless of the tire. 33.5 isn't out of line for long distance highway travel if it's what the car's saying you got. If it's actual measured (you divided miles driven by...