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  1. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    Sourced from Honda. Check their website under accessories. Yes came painted. I just ordered it and had the dealer install it.
  2. New 2020 Civic Sport Sedan upgrades?

    Applied the lower door garnish as well as the aero package. I quite like how it looks with the tinted windows and dark wheels.
  3. 1.5t vs 2.0 engine

    I just said don't believe spec sheets and this guy brings up spec sheets. LUL
  4. 1.5t vs 2.0 engine

    I prefer the more predictable power delivery. Maybe it's because I grew up on naturally aspirated engines but the turbo lag on the 1.5 drove me nuts. I cut off way more people than I liked because the power was so slow to kick in and then when it did, it rocketed ahead and nearly rear-ended...
  5. 1.5t vs 2.0 engine

    I've had both and prefer the 2.0
  6. upgrading to smoked tail lights?

    Nice, do you have any night pictures? I've seen quite a few of these aftermarket lights that I'm afraid emit too little light. I live in an area that gets quite a bit of fog and I don't want to drive around with dull rear lights and get rear ended.
  7. Had her for 2 months!! 19’ si...Stupid lady in suburban SMFH USE YOUR MIRRORS LADY!!

    Hmmm...could that open the door (no pun intended) to rust issues maybe? Not saying it will but just thinking of some potential issues further down the line if the scratch isn't properly sealed or dealt with.
  8. Today's experience: pedestrian detection and automatic braking [including dash cam video]

    That's why I don't like this tech, it doesn't seem like it is made for real world situations and can, in extreme cases, even lead to an accident. It just seems like some tech they needed to throw in to stay competitive and add to the list of features being offered. I think the best policy is...
  9. Car is faster in eco? Stick shift-

    Yeah maybe the got the wiring reversed on your car lol
  10. 2019 Civic Refresh Reviews

    Speaking of the exhaust, does it sound different (better?) compared to other trim levels? Or is it just a looks thing?
  11. How many kms/miles do you get on a full tank?

    I get about 550km per tank but could probably get over 600km if I pushed it.
  12. Photoshop Request - Energy Green sedan

    What about Touring? I'd love to see what my touring would look like in energy green. With tinted windows too :D
  13. Official: 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Arrives This Fall w/ 1.5-Liter Turbo, 6-Speed MT, Apple Carplay

    Of course it doesn't help that they released it in the most boring colour possible.
  14. Official: 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback Arrives This Fall w/ 1.5-Liter Turbo, 6-Speed MT, Apple Carplay

    Not my cup of tea. It just doesn't look right. This car looks great in sedan format but hatch not so much.
  15. How to enjoy sunroof?

    It's the most useless feature on a car ever. But it's an enduring gimmick no doubt. I think its appeal is in the fact that it's more of a status symbol than anything. If your car has a sunroof it is a top trim level with all the features. In the summer it's too hot and in the winter too...
  16. What did you drive before your Civic?

    New 1993 Ford Tempo V-6 - white with grey interior - 4 door sedan. This was my dad's car but I learned how to drive on it and eventually ended up driving it more than he did. Used 2003 Ford Focus ZX5 - black with grey interior - 4 door hatch. This was the first car I ever bought with my own...
  17. Spotting other Civic owners on the road

    I tend to acknowledge other riders when I'm riding, but no not wave to other Civic riders. At times I catch myself almost waving to riders from my car and then realizing that it would look stupid lol
  18. Whistling noise from the HVAC system (Feet Mode)

    Not whistling but definitely some sort of high-pitched whirring. It's faint but audible enough to annoy me. But then I get easily annoyed lol. I'm hoping it goes away eventually like a lot of these types of things do.
  19. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I think it's interesting, but maybe instead of white on black, try black on white. Then tint the windows and get some completely black wheels and blacked out lights. I think the reason that it has that parts bin look is because otherwise it's so bone stock. To give it the look that it's...
  20. LED strips under dash

    Update. So it's been installed for a while now. I went for the option I mentioned above (plugging into to the 12v outlet) and it's perfect especially in the Civic because we have that storage area in the back of the console for cables and such where I am indeed storing all the excess cables...