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  1. Nevada FS: Seibon Hood and Wheels/Tires

    Wheels are sold.
  2. Nevada FS: Seibon Hood and Wheels/Tires

    I’m looking to sell: Seibon TR Style Hood. It’s in great condition 9/10 condition and its been ceramic coated. $750 pick up. Hyper Black Vordoven Forme 15 18x9.5 +22 with Toyo Proxes A/S 225/40/18. The rims is in great condition with no curb rash or any marking. It’s been ceramic coated few...
  3. Rotors for Genesis brembos

    Thanks man. This helped me a lot. R1 concept sent me the replacement.
  4. Rotors for Genesis brembos

    Hello, I currently have Genesis brembos and Nissan Rogue w/3rd row sitting. I wanted to upgrade my rotors so I bought a set from R1 concept website, but when I test fit the rotors, it wouldn’t fit. I made sure I picked the right car year and model. However, it did give me two option: Option 1...
  5. Nevada WTB: Looking to buy 27won intercooler

    I’m looking for a 27won Intercooler (new or used) or used PRL V2 intercooler. Ready to buy. Pm thanks.
  6. Using Genesis Brembo

    thank you
  7. Using Genesis Brembo

    I have the genesis brembo and I want to upgrade my front brake line to SS, but does anyone know if we can use SS brake like specified for Honda or does it have to be specified for Hyundai?

    It’s Catless and comes with all the hardware. I’m selling it for 300 shipped plus paypa fee. I do have Venmo and cash app too.

    I’m selling my combo. Lmk if you’re interested.
  10. Nevada Garrett FMIC with Injen Pipings. FS

    275.00 for the injen pipings and 275.00 for the intercooler.
  11. Nevada Sold: Retrofit Headlight with RGB

    I’m selling my retrofit headlight with RGB Bluetooth control. > It has black housing, low beam demon eye with RGB with honey comb etching, and a yellow tint on the high beam. > It comes with all the wiring, modules and extra wires. You just have to download the app. >There are no cracks on...
  12. Nevada Garrett FMIC with Injen Pipings. FS

    I’m selling my Garrett Intercooler with a gloss black injen pipings together for $550 plus shipping and PayPal fee. However, I do have Venmo or zelle. I had the intercooler for only 3 months. The reason I’m selling is because I want to upgrade to 27won.
  13. Official RALLYE RED Civic Thread

    little update
  14. F/S PRL Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

    This pipe would have fitted the prl billet intercooler. But it’s sold though.
  15. F/S PRL Intercooler Charge Pipe Kit

    This is sold
  16. Brembo Kit Upgrade.

    Hello, I recently bought a brembo upgrade kit for my Si. The brembo came from the genesis and it comes with Nissan Rogue 3rd row rotors. Im going buy a set of Vordoven forme 9 18x9.5 +35 or +22. However, does anyone know what size spacers I would need? thanks
  17. Warning lights popped up.

    Update: my speed sensor and the drive side wheel bearing was damaged. That’s the reason why the all those brake system lights was on and the same reason why I couldn’t switch to sport mode.