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  1. Another 10th Gen Civic with AC Problems

    I just noticed the same behavior with my AC today. Will call Honda tomorrow morning to set an appointment. Im 30k miles. I've heared everything was covered for this. We'll see.
  2. Rear Suspension Clunking

    I did the last TSB two months ago, where it was still freaking cold here. The issue is fixed from my end, even during -30 temp. So it took Honda 3 years...
  3. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Im from Mirabel so St-Eustache is my dealer.
  4. Anyone else have on and off days with their Si?

    Im pretty sure you'r getting old :)
  5. Cold Climate Owners

    Tires. I live in the country field so i've personally went for the cream. Drop to 17" , 225/45/17 Nokian hakkapeliitta 9 Studded.
  6. Rear Suspension Clunking

    Yea im about to call them too. Will also update once its done.
  7. Daily Driver and Track Toy, but Rattles

    I personally choose the Hasport 62A. It does get smoother after 5k miles. Its now totally acceptable even during our hard canadian winter.
  8. Fx350 installed. Wild shaking chatter on launch

    Hello, Mine did the same at the beginning. After the break in period, i went to my garage and my mechanic who did the install re-ajust the clutch pedal. Its now nearly perfect , i also only get chatter after excessive stop and go driving, and when it happen, its very little. I also run the...
  9. Brought the type r clutch, now what?

    When i did my clutch, my shop didn't had to remove/drop the subframe, not even dropping the trans entirely, just a little so he can get his hand into the trans.
  10. Brought the type r clutch, now what?

    +1 It took 8 hours from my side.
  11. Just brought home my 2017 Si!

    LOLL :rofl::rofl:
  12. 9" Aftermarket Android Head Unit (Feature Overview / Installation)

    Is anybody ever tried to install the 10.4" Vertical screen on a SI ?
  13. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    Directly on
  14. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    LOL i love their reply. Like you were completely out of the track
  15. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    Yes it does. I takes around 1-2 hours of driving before notice any difference. You know, to let the new oil get into every corner. After that, it's amazing, the stock notchyness is recuded by a lot. From my experience, combined with Acuity parts, its not even close to stock feeling.
  16. What type of MTF is everyone running?

    Amsoil Synchromesh MT all the way. Huge difference, smooth as butter.
  17. Si's have defective clutch?

    If you are stock, you won't have any problem for the next year i assure you. That being said, don't go WOT before 3000rpm in gear 3,4,5,6 , as it help preventing clutch wearing. At the end of the day, it all depend on how you drive the car. Some people are more aggressive in their driving style...
  18. Si's have defective clutch?

    The added torque when tuned is pretty insane, this is why stock clutch fails. More torque = increase potential slip and clutch wearing WOT = Wide Open Throttle