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  1. Texas Part out 19 si

    specs on wheels?
  2. Rotors for Genesis brembos

    I have these and know for a fact they work with Genesis Brembos.
  3. Maine FS: Whiteline sway bar kits

    Would be interested in parts for the rear..sway bar, endlinks, saddles and lateral locks...shot me a price with shipping please.
  4. California [Bay Area] FS: 4x Used Federal SS595 255/35/18

    I don't think shipping is that much...I would say shipping is $30-60 if you could check I would be interested...shipped to 75229 lmk
  5. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Did the DIY brembo big brake kit. Massive and great stopping power.
  6. Sequential Side Mirror and Caps +plus more

    Can you send me the link on aliexpress please?
  7. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    No it's platinum white pearl
  8. dumb question

    Nope long as you lay the wrap correctly and heat it up to attach it's all good.
  9. dumb question

    Wrapped them myself they sell fake carbon stick on pieces on ebay. And no on the yoga😂🤣🤣🤣
  10. dumb question

    zoom in on center display that is ktuner with flex fuel...all showing using ktuner v1.2 with honda hack and tunerview
  11. Line out converter 2019 Si 8 speaker system

    Where did you tap into the speakers to get you signal behind radio?
  12. Line out converter 2019 Si 8 speaker system

    Anyone tackled this on a Si system with 8 speakers? Looking to run 4 channel to run 4 channel amp for front and rear components. Have Lc2i on 12inch sub already and upgrading fronts and rears with amp. Anyone have any pointers on this? Also viper4android need to be walked through on adding that...
  13. Prl race maf upgrade $99

    Lmk if it doesn't go through
  14. Prl race maf upgrade $99

    Why you want to change to street maf?
  15. Photographers! Post your civic pictures! Pic Heavy!

    Did some editing this is my 2019 Si coupe.
  16. Official WHITE ORCHID PEARL Civic Thread

    Here's my 2019 White orchard pearl Si coupe Can an follow my build on insta: @cotogee
  17. Going to stock, more parts to be sold than I have ever seen

    Price for cusco rmm shipped to 75229
  18. Traded SI in. Several aftermarket parts FOR SALE!!!

    Ok I'm interested sending pm
  19. Traded SI in. Several aftermarket parts FOR SALE!!!

    Intrested in prl cai if it is for Si need to know if race or street version.