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  1. Gearbox

    First to second I usually do at much lower RPM than 4500-5000. First is for me just a way to get to second. I shift at 2-3k max usually from a start. The car has no real low gear grunt despite its torque. You kind of have to get it into 3rd to really benefit from the higher revs, at least that's...
  2. New Kid on the Block

    I don't think we get the GR Yaris though, do we? I mean, here in the colonies. We never get the cool small cars.
  3. 3 Month Update 8,700 Miles on My 2020 CTR…..

    Pirelli Sottozero 3s. 245/40 R18s.
  4. 3 Month Update 8,700 Miles on My 2020 CTR…..

    Yeah, I went out and looked at mine and all I can think of is that someone, somewhere, either hit it, scraped it, or opened it so that it rammed against something that chipped off that paint. I suppose it could be a paint flaw, where maybe just that spot had some foreign debris or something when...
  5. 3 Month Update 8,700 Miles on My 2020 CTR…..

    The A/S will not perform as well on dry roads in non-freezing temperatures, compared to tthe summer tires. I've been running snows on 18" for a month and in cold weather they are pretty good (Pirelli Sotozero 3s). They are good in snow, of which we've had a few days worth off and on. The hood...
  6. Fk8

    You will naturally get as many pieces of advice on shifting as there are people shifting; it is part of the liturgy of the Church of the Third Pedal. For me, the car has a very good manual transmission, and I tend to be one of those who shifts out of first fairly quick, 2-3k, because really...
  7. Welcome home!

    Cool, thanks. No worries, I definitely get that folks are busy!
  8. Welcome home!

    Well, I've tried to contact SWEIDIT a few times and never received a response. Guess his business is so good he doesn't have to reply.
  9. Next Gen Type R Survey

    I would not worry about Gen. 11 being a hybrid. Not enough development time for that, and I doubt they will do much in that direction for the Civic until they get some feedback on the Acura experience with the tech. The survey focuses on stuff that is easily slotted into manufacturing, and which...
  10. 2 week old 2021 Type R

    What everyone says; this is a Civic. It's a damn fine Civic, and a very special car, but in the end it's built on an economy car platform. It can take some getting used to if like me you came from a late model Audi, which is like whisper quiet inside and built like a bank vault. Or if you don't...
  11. 2022 CIVC live debut

    I'm not sure I agree, though I'd be ok with a hybrid myself. I see this car as less about numbers and more about feel, and I'm not sure how adding a form of AWD and a hybrid power train would affect the sort of more visceral "feel" the car has. But I'd be happy to be shown the error off my ways...
  12. 2022 CIVC live debut

    The car mags are skeptical about the hybrid/AWD rumors. Doesn't fit the car's personality, as it would add weight and complexity. Anything is possible, but IMO it would be more likely they'd do something like that as an Acura, maybe a revived Integra Type R sort of thing. Either way, I'm happy...
  13. Welcome home!

    I'd pay that for something that looks that good and is that functional. I think I actually did look that up before. I'll have to check it again. Thanks.
  14. Welcome home!

    How did you do this? I am not, ahem, handy with tools or leather working myself.
  15. Welcome home!

    The stock knob is good, but it does get very cold (and I suppose hot, but up here the former is more of an issue than the latter!).
  16. Welcome home!

    Nice! Did you get the shift knob and the carbon wing as part of the deal, or were they already on the car?
  17. Wheels and snow tires for Type R

    Wait, what? $548 per TIRE? I got the same size Pirelli Sottozero 3s for under $200 per tire just this summer. Weird.
  18. Oil Leaking Everywhere - Disaster!

    That...takes the cake. Oy.
  19. 2022 Golf R

    The wheels aren't an issue; 18" and good snows work very well, from personal experience and a huge number of other accounts and reviews. If doing 0-60 digs is your thing, yeah, the car is not gonna be your jam. Ain't it's role. A Golf R with the DSG will smoke it for sure, as will a Tesla of...
  20. 2022 Golf R

    QFT. The car is made for the DSG, no doubt about it. I think the GTI is pretty much now in the same boat. VW has zero incentive to put money into R&D for manuals any more. All the Germans are pretty much moving to a purely automatic transmission fleet. Makes sense, as manual take rates are...