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  1. What does your ID stand for?

    Mines is my business name. Siqc is an acronym for Silent Ideas Quite Creations Cafe = small cozy establishment
  2. How old are you

  3. How old are you

    39 Treat your body well you Will feel like brand new every day That cucumber juice. Read good books Surround your circle with intellects Exercise, yoga, etc That's the recipe
  4. How old are you

  5. Eibach Or Megan Sway bars

    What's the noticeable difference with whiteline? (I was looking into these as well)
  6. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    Hi inbox message which you would like
  7. How old are you

  8. Changing Shift knobs on CVT automatic?

    No adapter needed for this style. I have the same in Red
  9. Decals / Stickers by Siqc Cafe

    And prices still the same 😁
  10. Retrofit Cargo SHELF for Civic Hatchback?

    Pretty good idea. I'd agree.. Some 3d printing might be needed
  11. How do I keep the exterior of my car clean?

    So like Palmolive, Dawn, Gain,Ajax, What's your preference? The kid is asking for help. Let's be more supportive
  12. How do I keep the exterior of my car clean?

    Go to Spend some time on their site reviewing their cleaning products Inbox me I'll help you out with some tools to get And no I don't work for them.. Lol I just buy their products
  13. (Request): sport hatch side skirts painted to match body?

    The body shop removed them. I do know there is a YouTube video on it tho
  14. Friendly Reminder to Decontaminate your new Type R

    Thank you for this. I myself just recently learned about Iron marks from the train...
  15. Two Tone Color Civic Hatchback Design

    He didn't go with it yet, working on other projects. He did altho Satin Blacked out his roof
  16. Side marker lights

    Here's a old school tip when there are quote on quote subjective lights on your car. 1st keep new legal spares in your glovebox 2nd have valid excuse 3rd be prepared. So throw on your purples. Have amber or white back up in the glove. If in any situation you get pulled over. Just say...
  17. Two Tone Color Civic Hatchback Design

    One of my clients requested this for his Civic Sedan. I did a photoshop mock up like yours. (good job on your render) I do love the way it looks on the Camry Sedan. I'm not sure it would work on the Hatch. The segmented lines might have to be altered for it to work...