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  1. What did you do to your Civic today? (II)

    Lowered it on Tein S-Tech. Well, finished lowering it today. Gonna get it aligned Monday.
  2. Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs - My Take

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I’m installing these springs this weekend and wondering if yours settled after installing (or in the year and half you’ve had them on)? Would you happen to have the camber reading after the springs? Just trying to figure out roughly where to set front camber...
  3. New HKS Exhaust System: the Hi-Power Spec L II

    My bad, you’re right I didn’t finish the video. Like blue hatch said, Mugen add-on diffuser.
  4. New HKS Exhaust System: the Hi-Power Spec L II

    Nope that’s the pre-2020 diffuser.
  5. Car air fresheners

    I use the Febreze clip on air fresheners, Midnight Storm. But I clip it to the foot vents so it’s only activated when I direct air down there. So if it’s getting a little bit stale smelling in the cabin, I just run the foot vents for a bit.
  6. Can a Euro passenger mirror with the camera go on an NA driver side?

    You will need a UK market specific passenger mirror to fit on your driver’s side. But your driver door harness may not have the wires built into it to power the camera and send the signal to the display in your console. Then, the infotainment unit might not even have a signal input from the left...
  7. Replace Brake pads or also rotor?

    Couple of options for you. Get better quality rotors, maintain and machine them, and they’ll outlast 2-3 sets of pads. Or get cheaper rotors and replace them with pads every time. This is the route I’ve gone with more recently as I don’t have daily access to a brake lathe anymore. I’ve had...
  8. Brake Rotor and Pads

    After you replace the pads and rotors, one way to prevent this from happening is maintaining and lubricating the pads and calipers regularly. Yes surface rust is unavoidable in some places but it’s usually wiped clean when the brakes are applied. The reason the ring of rust has formed around the...
  9. Sport Hatch vs SI Brakes

    Honestly, for a commuter car, I really can’t tell the difference yet (it’s only been one day, and it’s mostly been freeway). I never had an issue with the Sport hatch brakes not being sufficient. I’m sure there is a measurable difference, just not a really obvious difference. I like having...
  10. Sport Hatch vs SI Brakes

    Ok kinda tough cause it’s on the car. But pretend this is the picture of the caliper. The first pic is the bend on the Si line. The second is the bend on the Sport hatch brake line. After that bend, the rest of the line is the same. Same length, bracket, etc. so you can see how the slight bend...
  11. Sport Hatch vs SI Brakes

    I just installed the Si front calipers on my Sport hatch this weekend. Luckily, the calipers came with the Si brake lines. I initially installed the Sport brake line but compared side by side with the Si brake line, the Si brake line is bent correctly and doesn’t stretch the flexible part of the...
  12. California Wtb hatchback sport diffuser

    I have one from a 2018, located in Ontario, California.
  13. Civic Hatchback bumper on Civic Lx

    Probably not a h Probably not a hatchback bumper but if you’re just going for the look, the Si sedan bumper should fit the LX sedan.
  14. Brand New 2021 Civic Hatchback Sport/ Scratched Paino Trim

    By the letter of the warranty booklet, “cleaning and polishing” or “cosmetic flaws” are not covered by the new vehicle warranty. Although sometimes if you ask nicely and the dealership has a good relationship with the district manager, it may be replaced as a “goodwill” item at no cost to you.
  15. Front plate relocate options.

    Actually, that’s an older picture. I replaced the base with a universal one, a little thicker but still very low profile. Still used the same spacers. The original base was a leftover part from my Golf TDI (gasp!).
  16. Front plate relocate options.

    I used a universal license plate mount and I spaced it away from the grill using leftover hardware from a TV wall mount. About 1” away from the grill.
  17. Front License Plate / Bumper

    I used these interior panel clips from any auto parts store and painted them to match.
  18. Type-R rear brakes on Si

    You’re talking rear calipers right? Because I’ve never seen pads for a floating caliper (Type R front) fit in a sliding caliper (Si front). Generally those pad shapes are different especially in how they’re retained in the caliper.
  19. Shift Up/Down Indicators

    Are you in D or S? May be only active in S?
  20. California Si Rear Brake Brackets & Rotors

    This is exactly the info I was looking for. I already have the larger rear rotors, but wasn’t sure the Sport hatch calipers bolt on to the Si brackets. If only you hadn’t painted them... well, free bump for you.