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  1. Best Cost-Effective Hatchback Mods?

    Here: It costs more, but it made of aluminum. The plastic ones in the stock FK7 will break in the long run if you upgrade your RSB. Honda Accord Endlinks part number: 52320-TLB-A00, you need two. The cost shown is...

    The best way I could find out about the product is by looking through the MSDS because it tells you what's in the product and other forums. The best I could find out of it. You're free to email Permaplate for an MSDS...
  3. Hatchback rear wiper delete

    The third brake light is required in CA.
  4. Best Cost-Effective Hatchback Mods?

    Rear sway bar (RSB) and honda accord end link to fix understeer. Get the cheapest, yet quality version you can find in 22mm if it's a hollow type design or I think 18mm if solid. Strut tower brace has 0 benefits for daily driving.
  5. Advise about springs vs. coilovers vs leave OEM alone (haha)

    In short: Springs: cheap to lower vehicle. Coilovers: Go with Tein for comfort. Everyone else makes monotube.
  6. Strut Tower Bar Measurements

    I'm in the process of making my own custom strut tower bar for my FK7. I'm almost done with it. What I want to know is the height the bar sits above the surface of the mounting plate when the hood is closed.
  7. Official RV6 R365 turbo Beta thread

    My only question is if RV6 is going to offer this turbo with an internal and external thermal barrier coating on the intake and exhaust of the turbo housing?
  8. Inexpensive Temporary Exhuast Help?

    Decide if you want a loud humming sound at 3000 rpm in the cabin on the highway. You get that if you delete your resonator.
  9. FK8 Production Nearing End

    OP can wait. I think the Nissan 400z comes out next year.
  10. Blinking 3rd brake light (coupe)

    I personally would go a custom route because these systems are annoying. That blinking pattern should be adaptive to the acceleration and deceleration of the vehicle. It doesn't need to blink 3 times in stop and go traffic. I would like it to blink 3 times in heavy deceleration.
  11. Overheating & What You Can Do To Stop It

    I wonder why no one has mentioned using thermal barrier coatings internally and externally on the turbo, downpipe, front pipe, piston crown, and the combustion chamber? It's already hard to get enough air flowing through the radiators. I would try to find another way to contain the heat in the...
  12. Blow off valve sound plate? 1.5T Civic HELP

    The main reason is the car’s computer will know if you are venting to atmosphere.
  13. Inside The Stock 10th gen Honda Resonator

    So I bought someone's resonator from here because I found their eBay listing through similar photos and google searches. Then I took a Dremel to see what's on the inside. It's packed with fiberglass. So I took that out. The photo of the inside shows this resonator has another chamber...
  14. Torque Solutions BOV Review/Discussion

    The blowoff valve is bad if it vents directly to the atmosphere in the 10th gen. It has to go back into the intake system. This is general information for this vehicle. Won't apply for a tuned application unless the ECU flags that air loss.
  15. How to find the right buyer VIN 00001?

    Don't let me post those Bring A Trailer posts. Current auction for a 350 mile 2011 Honda Accord
  16. Cherry bomb Hatchback sport

    This person did it. The phone audio quality is potato quality.
  17. TorqAmp Electric Supercharger for NA 2.0ltr Civic

    My understanding of this type of system is the limitation is the max RPM of the electric motor as engine RPM increases. It's really the compressor portion of a turbo with an electric motor.
  18. Blew a hole in my FKX Catless Downpipe

    If it's true this was caused by a bad tune. How can one rule out the possibility of material failure if the place that broke was where the bracket was welded?
  19. DelllyJougnut's Sport FK7 Build Journal

    Currently working on my own design of a strut brace. I have looked at the chassis diagram of the FK7 and came to the conclusion the strut tower is connected to the firewall due to how it's constructed.
  20. Fk7 Fog light delete hypothesis (I think this is partially why lambos lack fog lights?)

    I doubt fog lights on the FK7 disturb airflow to a significant amount. Even if you remove them. It will not change aerodynamically much. Lambos need no fog lights if the headlights function always as high beams with special shutters for oncoming objects.