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  1. All Safety Systems turn off while driving, then reset when stopped

    The dealer gave up. They told me I could keep the loaner essentially forever - if I wanted - while they drove my car every day trying to re-produce the problem. I had a crappy CR-V, and I wanted my hotness back, so I told them no thanks. If the problem happens with increased frequency, they...
  2. All Safety Systems turn off while driving, then reset when stopped

    While Driving: ALL safety systems turn off. ABS, ACC, Road Departure Mitigation, Auto Braking, etc. The car still works, meaning I can steer it, and use the brake and gas pedals. That’s about all I can do. It stays this way until I come to a complete stop. (See video). After I’ve been...
  3. Do sway bars really work?

    One thing I did realize, I had the stabilization control turned on when I took it out and drove it hard. Would that make a difference? Should I try it with that turned off? I think the stabilization control will automatically apply inside rear brake.
  4. Do sway bars really work?

    I also have a front strut bar. I wonder if my front is too tight. I’ve read that you want to have the front looser than the back.
  5. Do sway bars really work?

    I installed a Progress Sway Bar on my ‘17 Civic Sport Hatch yesterday. It was an eye opening experience when I installed it to see how the end links worked. The end links have quite a bit of horizontal give, and it made me wonder how adding a stiffer sway bar makes any difference, since it’s...
  6. 1,000 miles on 20 gallons... Not too shabby...

    I've been getting 43 MPG or so in my 2017 ST Hatch with CVT. If I was all hwy mile, I bet I'd be up around 50.
  7. 2018 hatchback model changes?

    Same here, but I didn't get wireless charging.
  8. Telsa Headunit!?

    Doesn't support right turn camera or XM radio. They say 'yet', but I can't live without SXM Channel 100!
  9. Seriously? Do dealers sell at anywhere close to this price?

    You can try. I also had a trade in, and I think they may a couple bucks from that.
  10. MikeyD's Hatchback 'Teddy'

    Oh man, that really sucks. Hopefully no one was injured.
  11. Updating Navigation

    I used a 32GB stick and it worked fine. Just make sure you stick it in the USB port under/behind the radio. Also, I formatted the drive as FAT32 with the verbatim tool mentioned above. ( I'm in the U.S., and it only took about 20-25...
  12. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Bought myself a gap trap. Not that I'm eating french fries in my 1 month old car, but I was bored, so headed to Autozone and grabbed one of these...
  13. Sport Touring Hatchback RARE in your area?

    I'm in St. Louis area. When I bought my WOP Sport Touring Hatch a month, the dealer had 5?of them. They're all gone now, but I did find one ST Hatch at another dealer. If you live in St. Louis, go get it...
  14. Seriously? Do dealers sell at anywhere close to this price?

    My sport Touring had a sticker of almost $31K. Paid $27,100, so yeah this looks high.
  15. Updating Navigation

    The port by the cup holders does not work for this update.
  16. Updating Navigation

    Plug in the USB drive to the port behind the console.
  17. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    The place that tinted my Hatch bought the Hatch window from Honda, so they can pre-cut and mold it perfectly, without having to take anything apart. They have a $75 up charge for Civic hatches, but say they'll drop that once the window ($700) is paid for. You might want to suggest this to...
  18. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Never heard of Fuelly until now. Do you have to manually enter the data?
  19. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    I got some pretty damn good gas mileage! (2017 Sport Touring).
  20. What Sensing trim of civicx do you have

    You're missing a trim. I have the 'Sport Touring.'