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  1. My Touring in Modern Steel Metallic

    Modern Steel looks SO good when it's well lit like this! The tint matches perfect, what % is it?
  2. RallyeRed (Latest Update 4/14/19)

    The only other spoiler I would replace the touring spoiler with on a non-heavily modified car is the decklid spoiler since it's pretty subtle but still adds a little flair. Like the one on jdewd's car -
  3. Does anyone have the Dealer Invoice Pricing on accessories: spoiler, mats

    Don't think I've seen invoice pricing on the factory accessories posted, only invoice pricing on the cars, which is in a sticky thread in the pricing forum.
  4. Do Aftermarket Wheels Effect Resale / Trade In Value?

    If you don't want to keep your stock wheels because you want to sell them for $ or you don't have the space for them, then you could sell them now and then just buy a used factory from another member here or eBay when it comes to selling the car years down the line. Then you can sell your...
  5. What modifications are you planning?

    Have you seen this DIY? The fog light bulbs is a simple swap job. Just find some LED H8 bulbs, no need to get a dealer to do it.
  6. CVT transmission any good/bad?

    Best way to put yourself at 100% ease is test drive one. I did over the long weekend and the CVT is perfectly good. Dispelled any negative impressions I had of it from just reading about CVT from other manufacturers. :thumbsup: It's not a high performance type of transmission of course and...
  7. Premium gas gives 2-3 more horsepower in turbo models (confirmed by Honda rep)

    So the trainer might not really know what he's talking about on this topic? I'm sure the engine engineer knows what he's talking about :)
  8. Unofficial 2016 Civic (WHP) dyno, 0-60 mph and quarter mile time

    6.5 sec 0-60 / 14.9 quarter mile are eye opening numbers considering the price and segment of the standard Civic. 6.5 seconds matches the current Civic Si! If the 1.5T can already hit these times, can't wait to see what the 2016 Civic Si can do. Sub 6?!
  9. 2016 Civic coupe vs sedan weight and rigidity / stiffness difference?

    Interesting fact that relates to both stiffness and weight: The coupe has extra frame enforcement for more stiffening to counteract the loss of rigidity due to a longer single door. This adds weight but its overall weight is still lighter than the sedan due to it being 5.5" shorter.
  10. Poll: Will Si and Type R remain manual only?

    I agree. Big question mark for everyone here is CVT or DCT or maybe even traditional auto?
  11. Poll: Will Si and Type R remain manual only?

    I'm not sure Honda cares that CVT has the image of being a 'green' tansmission, at least on the standard Civic models. I mean the standard Civic models don't even have tailpipes showing for that reason - in keeping with Honda's green image. What'll be interesting is what auto transmission...
  12. Official CRYSTAL BLACK PEARL Civic Thread

    There's really nothing as stunning as a totally clean back car. Thanks for sharing. She's beautiful congrats hondaguy76.
  13. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Nice. That counts :)
  14. 2016 Honda Civic is a Motor Trend Car of the Year Finalist

    And being named the MT Car of the Year doesn't guarantee success either. Just look at the Volt. :rolleyes: I'm glad Honda said it's not making any electric or hybrid Civics for this new generation.
  15. Prayers for Paris

    Couldn't believe the news yesterday watching the casualty count keep going up. Only "good" thing that can come from this is the countries that have been attacked by terrorists will find a way to form a coalition to iradicate the ISIL. They're not going away by themselves.
  16. 2016 Civic Coupe... not until next year.

    Next year yes, "later" next year no. No reason they won't be sticking to the sedan debut-to-production timeline. Which is 1.5-2 months from debut.
  17. Questioning Both Coupe and Sedan Si Variants

    The latest press releases from Honda announcing the market launch of the sedan on the 12th and the coupe reveal at the LA show both continue to say: "...will include a sedan, coupe, high-performance Si models, a 5-door hatchback and the first-ever Civic Type-R model for the U.S. market...
  18. 2016 Civic coupe and sedan design patent drawings revealed!

    Glad to see the coupe's rear will be shorter with much smaller bumper overhangs, which looks much sportier. Sedan's rear is long for rear leg space and trunk capacity but the coupe doesn't need as much practicality. :thumbsup:
  19. SURPRISE! Official: 2016 Civic Coupe to debut at LA Auto Show!

    This is going to be an exciting 1.5 years with a new model introduced every few months... Si reveal in March 2016, Type R reveal in May 2017, and hatchback reveal somewhere in between. :spaz:
  20. 2016 Honda Civic Owners Manual PDF (Sedan)

    The dash/interior design should look just like the sedan. Don't think they'll have different interiors for sedan, coupe, hatch, Si, Type R. The sportier models (Si and Type R) will just get dressed up with some badging, sports/race seats.