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  1. Tunes and Tracks

    Oh damn, I was about to drop around 180 for the SPC's off MAPerformance's site. Do you have the specs for how much camber it allows or a spec sheet? I presume the same but just asking in any case.
  2. Type R front grill fits SI sedan?

    Is that the OEM 2020 Type-R grille? Which badge did you use to cover up the Type-R silhouette? Thanks
  3. Oh no...Not another BOV thread

    We love you @D-RobIMW , sign my tiddy. (Btw it's because of your post in one of the Facebook groups where I jumped off the Hondata California Bandwagon and made my way over to @KTuner )
  4. Tunes and Tracks

    Very cool. Do you have your data capture connected to ODB2 port? Just curious how you have that logging while having the hondata headunit as well unless you have the capture hooked elsewhere.
  5. Tunes and Tracks

    What program are you using to overlay your temps, etc? Looks very clean.
  6. Tunes and Tracks

    Did you only use these only or did you also use the locator pins to make your adjustments? Thanks
  7. Tunes and Tracks

    Yeah, stock is the goal. I had promised myself that I would upgrade to the HFP suspension and maybe swift springs when this one finally gives out. Do you know who makes the lower ball joints?
  8. Tunes and Tracks

    Camber knuckles? Do tell. I quickly learned that stock alignment is not track friendly lol
  9. Black Friday sales?

    Anyone got the hook up on power tool sales? I need a new impact wrench :)
  10. Black Friday sales?

    MAPerformance is having a 30% off ACT clutches:
  11. Stray RF signal from key fob and your car being stolen

    Glad to see you posted this, we actually covered this vaguely in one of my cisco security classes. Another good determent would be installing a kill switch to the fuel pump incase the car does manage to get broken in to, only issue is trying to figure out where to hide the switch. (dont post...
  12. California FS: Flashpro for 1.5T Civic + TSP Stage 1 tune [Los Angeles]

    Sup guys, I am selling my Flashpro for the 2016-2020 1.5L civic. I will also be including TSP stage 1 street maf tune that i used for my 2019 civic si $450 OBO shipped or local pick up. 1x Flashpro for 1.5L civics only 1x usb cable 2x license plate frames 1x TSP stage 1 Si street maf tune...
  13. California [WTB] Caliper painting/restoration in Los Angeles

    Does anyone know of a reputable caliper painter in the LA area? I'm trying to get my brembo genesis calipers repainted to a brighter red with white lettering.
  14. My Civic Si was stolen this morning

    Huge yikes. Hope you get your car back, and the shop is definitely responsible for this.
  15. Tunes and Tracks

    Streets of Willow 11/13/2020 Temps were high 50's up to the mid 60's for the day. I decided to run TSP Stage 1 tune (full power since there's no OTF switching with Hondata programmer). Unfortunately I did not datalog however I did keep glancing over to the headunit to check knock control...
  16. Adios 2016 EX-T. Hello 2019 Si

    They clear with 20mm spacers, I use garagline spacers that a member had sold to me a few months back. I don't think I made a mod thread lol