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    What weather app are you using? nm, you said "go weather" and I just read it as weather!
  2. How to Establish an ADB Connection (US Models)

    Did you buy a cable or make one?

    You should be able to use the keystore string in our whitelist files, then you can just download the latest apk and install it.

    I'm running just fine for me. Here's my whitelist entry for it: <application> <property> <name>com.waze</name> <package>com.waze</package> <versionCode>1-999999999</versionCode> <keyStoreLists>...
  5. Turn By Turn navigation Odometer

    Me neither - '17 EX Hatch.
  6. 2017 Hatchback - This & That - Odds & Ends

    You could get crafty and cut out portions of the foam on top of the donut and just slide the ratchet and some sockets right into it.
  7. how do you guys keep stuff from sliding around in the hatch?

    I'm using this one: It fits perfectly from the back of the seats to the end of the trunk/cargo area lengthwise.
  8. asdsdfasdf

    I have it set to reset Trip A on fill-up. I did some digging and it seems like it was also a problem on other Hondas. Does manually resetting the trip odometer make it work?
  9. asdsdfasdf

    Mine doesn't work either - 17 EX Hatch.
  10. FlashPro Manager software update

    Yeah you guys are right - cool days are the only time it's happened. Didn't happen yesterday afternoon, just looked weird in the rear view mirror when it did occur - kind of Back to the Future-ish lol.
  11. FlashPro Manager software update

    No - I'm still running 2.6.1. It's happened on a 50F afternoon for sure. I'll do it on the way home today and see what happens. I'll try to datalog this evening.
  12. FlashPro Manager software update

    Didn't want to start a new thread because I think it's related to this update of FlashPro Manager. I'm using the +6psi ootb tune on my '17 CVT hatch and while at WOT, I can notice 2 lines of what looks like it could be fuel or condensation on the road behind me, accompanied by a little smoke...
  13. Whining Sound Coming from fan

    I hear it w/ the climate control on and it goes away when I have it off. Pretty sure it's a fan.
  14. So Used To Driving W/ ECON On

    I have no data to back this up but I tend to agree. It seems like you need more throttle to get going to 25-35mph with econ on, and I just watch my mpg gauge pinned to the left doing this. With econ off I can get to speed a little more quickly and then coast more. Just my 2 cents.
  15. 2017 Hatchback - This & That - Odds & Ends

    Here's a nice trunk organizer that fits perfectly on the flat part of the hatch area if placed lengthwise:
  16. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    Thanks - I bought these and they're just not bright enough for the trunk area:
  17. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    What LEDs did you use in the trunk?
  18. aFe Scorcher?

    New owner of a '17 Hatchback EX here, been reading the forums for a couple weeks now and looking at the possibility of a FlashPro then stumbled upon this page while looking at drop-in air filters. Looks like there's BMW and Ford...