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  1. Utah EXT Pricing

    Hello, I’m curious to see what is a good deal and a bad deal. I’m looking at a Civic EXT with CVT (2017 Sedan) model. I’m curious to see what other people in Utah got on their Civics!
  2. Civic Toy Model for Sale

    Hey! I found this Civic toy model on sale for eBay. Thought I'd leave it here for anyone interested!
  3. Plasti Dip Emblem

    Hey guys, I'm curious to see how it'll look like if you plasti dip the Honda logo and the civic emblem so post your images so I can see them!
  4. CALIFORNIA TYPE-Rs Arrival Date

    Can you check what's the deal for the state Virginia?
  5. Civic Minor Accident

    I believe that if the car door opens while another car is parking in. The car that opened their door is at fault for not yielding.
  6. Civic Minor Accident

    Hello! Last night my ciivc was involved in a minor accident thanks to some stupid person opening their door without looking while we were parking. I'm going to replace the fender sometime soon... :/
  7. Typhoon's Sonic Gray EX-L Journal

    Nice! Looks like you got the Hatch from Joyce Honda Koons in Manassas, Virginia! That's where I got my sedan too!
  8. Wheel Thoughts?

    Woops, thought I posted the photo. Here it is,
  9. Wheel Thoughts?

    Hey, I was thinking about installing these, what do you all think about this wheel?
  10. Redesigned 2017 Honda CRV Revealed!

    After a long wait, the newly redesigned Honda CRV has been revealed. And it gets a 190 HP Turbo Engine! :D Personally, I really like it, what are your thoughts?
  11. ...

    I think the Ridgeline looks great! The only thing is that I feel like it needs a roof railing standard badly! I feel like something's missing on the roof lol
  12. Windshield distortion in LX

    I got it from Joyce Honda in manasas
  13. Windshield distortion in LX

    I live near you in northern VA. I also have the LX trim and there are no problems with the windshield for me.
  14. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    Haha same! I'm also trying to make mines like the touring by adding fog lights, touring rims, and the small lip spoiler.
  15. What did you do to your Civic today?!

    This is something I really wanted to do, however I have the LX instead. On the other hand, I also didn't like the EX rims, do great choice that you did a swap!
  16. Spreadsheet of Prices Paid

    Added mines in! I have the LX and mines from VA.
  17. Dent above passenger doors, accident or body issue?

    I checked mines and no damages there.
  18. What dealer accessories do you think are worth it?

    Highly suggest you to get Mud Gaurds, they keep the car clean really week.
  19. Taffeta or Lunar Silver! Help me decide!

    Go with the silver, I got the taffeta and it gets boring after a while. But go with the WOP if you are getting the EX.
  20. Can't make phone calls

    Hmm... I'm not so sure what is happening. I did hear that people are having problem with the new Marshmallow Update on android phone.