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    They are intentionally misleading. Headlight Revolution is conducting intentionally misleading tests.
  2. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    Well here's some partial testing data on the Diode Dynamics ($120) LED bulbs and Sealight ($50) LED bulbs in a Civic projector. Looks like it's smarter to save the money and stay away from the $120 DD LED bulb, which actually does worse than $50 bulbs lol. Just goes to show that some companies...
  3. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    If you look at the patent document and the picture it references, the "Sylvania nightbreaker" looks nothing like the Osram Nightbreaker. Two completely different things.
  4. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    Correct, tested in a living room at 25+ feet, not 12, and at points corresponding to the federal law on headlamps--points that all legal headlamps must be measured at before they can be sold in the US. Bulb facts, on the other hand, tests three "random" points--"left," "right," and "center,"...
  5. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    Did you miss the part where testing at 12 feet basically invalidates all his results? And his method of testing at random, undefined points gives nothing useful about how good a bulb might be in a headlamp.
  6. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    Here. And here. It looks made up because the Silverstars are really that bad. Sylvania admitted it. The guy's scientific, controlled testing shows it. You just need to accept the fact that Sylvania isn't doing anyone favors selling $50 bulbs that barely outperform their $15 bulbs. At the end...
  7. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    Anything but Silverstar, really, should work for you. Sylvania XtraVision, Philips VisionPlus, all should give you a bump over stock but not last a ridiculously short length of time.
  8. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    Factory bulbs are long-life bulbs and that's the point. Long-life bulbs are essentially the same across all manufacturers. Loosely wound, low luminance filament. Stock bulbs set a low bar. You completely missed the point. The other point is that there are bulbs out there that are: Cheaper...
  9. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    The guy behind bulb facts has no idea what he's doing, and still hasn't fixed issues with his testing despite promising to do so in 2018. We would need some...
  10. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    I found it here:
  11. Does anyone keep halogen bulbs?

    All these people claiming to "see further" or "better" at night with Silverstar Ultras just goes to show how useless our eyes are when it comes to accurately evaluating headlamp performance. Headlamp designers have known since the original sin that humans do not necessarily like headlamps that...
  12. Katana LED H11 Headlight Review

    Testing of a very similar LED bulb, the Sealight H11, shows that your eyes are, as usual, misleading you. Tests performed in a Stanley/Honda projector, so results are directly applicable to the Civic.
  13. Just Installed New Moritomoto 2stroke 2.0 LEDS

    Careful, this is a good post about LED bulbs in halogen headlamps. No, this isn't some rant, but a very informed piece that deserves your attention and consideration.
  14. How to get yellow fog lights for 2020?

    Thank you, very interesting! I thought the LED fogs on the Civic would be SAE F3.
  15. How to get yellow fog lights for 2020?

    I'm curious, did you stock fogs say "SAE F" or "SAE F3" on them?